Treated and I liked It! Bench courtesy of Close Up Philippines

Being a blogger is a blessing and I loved it. Never did I imagined in my entire life that blogging could actually be a turning point on my achromatic life. Now, I'm just doing blogging but doing something what I love doing.

Just this day I got this exciting prize from Close Up Philippines partnered with Bench. Bench gift certificates and a Nike Parker gc. I got this items by just having a conversation with them; I guess being a talkative is now my weapon to hit those blessings hanging somewhere else. 

Today is not only to celebrate the blessings I got but also so celebrate GenSan for having one of the most famous mall in the country "SM". Yesterday SM GenSan geared up its blessing and today they officially opened it to the public. Not only Generals were there but also nearby places around General Santos like Alabel, Marbel to name some. To note SM GenSan is the biggest mall in SocSarGen (South Cotabato, Saranggani and General Santos). It is indeed evident how GenSan economy booms as it encourage the investors to invest in the city.

I visited the opening day around 2pm today and this made me wow. The place is not just big definitely huge. I did not stayed for too long in the place because of the number of people inside the mall.

Dont call them ants, they're are real like people.

Going back to the story, I went to SM GenSan to purchase my Bench gc

The cashier told me that they're just going to pack the items using ordinary plastic bag; I told her no, I want the this one showed below or else I will not purchase the items I chose from their store.

..and heres what's inside!

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