WonderFULL ClaraOle

8:30 PM
Actually just got home from my uncle's residence when my sibling called to rush myself to enter the living room; there I saw this package with smile painted on my self. I was overwhelmed seeing it on the chair. A box. My sibling received the package early this afternoon. I was about to open the box when he started to asked whats in it so as my parents. It's not new for me to received packages since I'm a blogger and I get a lot of things from my blogging career.

Rewind the days.

Last week a friend of mine sent me an invitation through Fb notification to join ClaraOle contest. I'm not on the mood that time to be honest, so I just ignored it. Little did I realized that I'm doing nothing so I open my notifications page and click the invites sent to me. I joined the contest with only 1 entry on my account.

Blessed Sunday:

Last Sunday I failed to attend the mass due to over fatigue that I can't get up from sleep. While the day goes and the time keep running, I suddenly received a call from an unknown number. Boom! It was one of the representative from ClaraOle Team. He gave me the good news of winning the contest and he also verified the info's I submitted for the contest.

Winning Moment:

Happy to say that before the contest end; I'm the first winner of their 55th draw. Lucky me!

The Package:

The package is a box and it is indeed fully covered. It takes time for me and my father to uncovered the box.

Here's the box and excited to know whats in it. Loving the red ribbon tied around the box. Must also thank LBC for its safe delivery.

Here are ClaraOle products inside the box including cute apron.

Yummy ClaraOle products! Yehhey!

We tried the tomato sauce for "eskabitse" and no doubt why it taste so good; because its from ClaraOle.

 To more about them visit their FB Page at ClaraOle

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