Mac BDay @ Susan Beach, Maasim, Saranggani Province

7:49 PM
It's a wrap! The big change is near to come... you will surely love it as much as I do.

Just this afternoon Jigs and I went to SM GenSan to do a business meeting regarding Pages Flipper extension; the shop - Rated fusion. We are now on the process on dealing all glitch to not to on our blog/shop. Polishing it ahead of time is better than suffering it while the shop is activate working. We actually did not end up eat Starbucks GenSan yet we headed up to Blugre Coffee.

Plans on that is already set. Anyway this post is not meant to talk about that, that is just a sneak peek talk however this post is written and posted to share to you my dear readers our outing during Mac's bday blast at Susan Beach at Maasim Saranggani Province. So it's a 45 minutes travel time away from GenSan. This is just a photo blogging so bear with me for the long post. Enjoy!

Btw, I have to give credit to our friend Allan Roy for the insta photos. you already.

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