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11:30 AM
As the times are changing, various new ideas are getting merged with our conventional ideas in the various spheres of our lives, and many trends which one of the most popular trends at some point of times are also coming back as the current trends of today and are gradually becoming equally popular. One of the spheres of our lives where this process of evolution is always on the progress is the sphere of our dressing and style statement.
If you’re colour blocking from head to toe, make sure the block colours are as bright as possible. Pale colors and pastel shades will look too half-hearted, no matter how much they clash. If you don’t feel brave enough to clash your colours, you can still wear the colour blocking fashion trend by wearing one vibrant shade from top to bottom. For example, wear a long dress in sunshine yellow, eye-popping pink or bright red; I'm actually not expert on this matter since I, myself is not a fashion blogger but seeing those poses and combinations of our respective fashion bloggers like Laureen, Vern and Camille, they actually got the great taste and a powerful taste on color blocking. But whatever color blocking you did on yourself make sure to pair it with or pop it out with accessories to gain a more fabulous looking trend setter.

These are tips on how to wear the color blocking trend.

1. Wear colors that pair best
Even when we are telling you to go crazy with the colors you wear, there’s a need to throw caution to the winds. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown, do you? Always wear colors that belong to the opposite sides of the color wheel such as pink and yellow, black and green or orange and purple.

2. Don’t overdo
A trend looks one when it’s worn sensibly; otherwise it’s just a fashion disaster. Even here you should be careful of wearing only one color blocked item in your outfit. If your dress is color blocked, wear it with nude pumps. If you have a color blocked tank top, pair it with casual denims or a boyfriend jacket.

3. Accessorize well
Another trick to pull of the color blocking trend is to complement your whole look altogether with appropriate accessories. On a fuchsia dress, you can wear black, nude or metallic accessories. Yet again, keep it simple. Just wear a simple pendant or a pair of earrings to keep the attention on your dress and balance your look.

4. Color pop
What this means is wearing only one solid bright color, that you would otherwise never have dared to wear. The colors that come to our mind are aquas, greens, fluorescents, neons and the likes.

5. Go subtle
Still if you are not sure on how to pull off the color blocking trend, then go ahead and buy a color blocked tee and pair it with your denims. You could also have a shocking pink bag with your daily outfit.

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[credit to Yebhi & Magforwomen]
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