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Not my usual to post something like this but want to be randomly post something ticking my thoughts. But anyway bear with me whatever my words are since they're randomly came out my mouth; I mean the mind. So, I'll give my answer on Doodle Innovation questions.

Why do you think is it important to establish yourself online?

Looking for a niche to find self to exactly fitted to the things around me. Branding myself to easily get established online. Being a blogger; a freelance writer marking myself will head my way to interact with people specially if I got the nature of being witty plus a cool and interesting aura online maybe I guess I'm branding myself properly. Thinking of it many times that the more you interact to people, the more you deal with them or you may say something in public, you’re establishing your brand. Yes, I'm talking about myself. Everything you do will reflect and the way how people want to see or understand you has a great addition on your part, it might be good or bad but whatever it is that will add to your brand too and again that's yourself; I mean mine. haha!

Establishing oneself online is not as easy as what others think it is; it really takes time and effort even just for setting it up. Like for twitter or facebook, these are just the common social medias where everyone connects. Making noise may lead you to being disgusting but if you got the wit and or the knowledge to link everything to a lighter side like being cool or doing things interesting online; I guess you can start to establish friendly, reciprocal friendship. For me I think these social medias are the most important outlets; too powerful also that can cement the idea that reflect to your circle's mind.

It is very important to establish ourselves online because I, personally want to be known? Who doesn't? Don't worry being an air headed person is not my attitude, I just want to kill hypocrisy and stay it away from reality. But of course you have to give efforts like stay visible online if possible go 24/7. Apart from being known, there are great things to find in return to yourself being established online. Will gain things that you don't find usual on your daily basis. Online or www is a vast of a learning closet. So, don't just after with the popularity but for the learning as well.

Make sure yourself is well informed and updated to the latest happening not just on showbiz though. In line with being updated, being an expert in any field entails a lot of research work, so do a lot of research. Yet if you're going to use the things you've learned make sure to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) otherwise things will go wrong and if I'm the one talking with you, you are becoming a tele-automated machine that talks because it is recorded. In short you're boring. Don't just talk, also hands information that might give importance to the conversation you are making. What else? Impress others by showing your achievements. Haha! That's also another way of establishing yourself.

Bottomline; the important thing why we established ourselves online is the reason of getting socialize, being known and the thought of not getting left behind.

What’s the reason why you want your blog re-designed?

It's already BER months and Christmas is coming so I just want some change and I guess, pretty sure that I need a more innovative and creative blog design. I know my blog looks great, that's given but what I want is something cool since I already have it on my mind. I don't have the talent in web designing and I'm looking for experts to do it for me. For FREE! haha! Its Christmas though as mentioned. On a serious note I need some changes on my blog to handle all the apps and my growing number of readers.

Tell us why you deserve to win!

I deserve to win because I need it and I know you all are good enough to hands it on me. Haha! So pretty pretty please give it to me and let me win. Just want to be honest here.

Anyway, I know you got quite confuse why I have this kind of post. Doodle Innovation is conducting an anniversary on their site and one of their treat is to have this as a blog contest and the prize if a re-design on blogs. A year of giving service to online community by making/creating web designs. Doodle Innovation is a small design agency based in Makati. Visit their page by clicking their name below:

Doodle Innovation
[photo credit to the owner]

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