I can exceed my limitations!

This past few months I've been indulging myself in the online business and been busy with it that lead me to the point of not minding my own health as I sit in front of my computer for long hours; somehow skip meals and didn't even mind of doing some stretching like a little kick of exercise. These became my unhealthy routine that I want to beat to have a bountiful lifestyle. Upon aiming this goal, I already geared myself for a new me!

It's not easy to cope up into something you never used to before but wanting it with the will of your heart and mind; things will easily be conquered. It might be risky on the things you use to but on setting up goals; aims are reachable.

It's very normal for us Filipino even foreign needs some motivational or just even an inspiration so we can do work properly and religiously. We somehow need some footprints to follow to but what we have on ourselves is the attitude on exceeding something beyond what our limitation are though we're tracking the same thing as what our idols do. Very typical in the sense of making things into the matter of comparison but we always find ways to step higher.

As I've said I'm not into sports yet I really wanted to get into a sport; I had tried out tennis in school, and I didn't make it. So now I'm thinking about trying to get into volleyball, but when I play for fun with my friends, I stink at it! I can't shoot the ball, or catch it. And I can't play for a team without having a clue of what's going on. I would like to be able to play it, but I just don't know how to play it! I'm horrible at volleyball. Well honestly, I love sports specially when playing it just for fun and not on the matter of being a serious sporty man but that doesn't really mean that I don't give much on that. I even support my fave athletes when they play and love seeing them beating their opponents.

Like my favorite athlete Maria Sharapova because she is adorable tennis player and she is one of the person to beat on her field not to mention she do also have a wide range of expertise in different fields that  she indulged herself in like modeling and the like. Yes, I admire and like her a lot.... She is very proficient tennis player, and not to mention that gorgeous looks. I can feel her enthusiasm when she plays in the court and that unique and trademark sound she makes whenever hits the tennis ball...WOW! stunning. I'm sure you noticed that too. What a great expression and unique way for her to project an energy. If you like her to the way I do, I'm certain that you appreciate these also. Maria winnings are now so epic and she is indeed an icon.

Like Maria Sharapova, exceeding my limitation would be a great challenge but the belief and faith on my self would be my strongest armor. Maria exceed her limitation because she believes in herself and to the people around her, who loves her much. I guess that gives her the power to be on the top of where she is now. I love her.

I'm not into sports but trying myself to be one of the team. 

The challenge: Outrun Coach Rio in a 20-meter dash. 
Rio's Time: 2.3 seconds. 
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