ZA: 15 Awesome Fashion Tips for Guys

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Every guy wants to know what to wear to look different and how to add that special X- factor that gets them all the gazing eye balls. Men’s fashion for a lot of people starts from a black shirt and ends on a blue T-shirt but such is definitely not the case. Men have umpteen options to play around with their clothing and if worn in the right manner, every piece can give them a makeover.

We will talk about clothing for different occasions and also in different styles but here I am putting out a few pointers that are a must read for every guy!

1. The Only jackpot to the perfect look is PERFECT FITTING.

2. A must have that redefines clothing is a GOOD WATCH. Invest in a good watch .

3. Blue, Black and White are not the only colours for Shirts, try PASTELS.

4. If you want to look slimmer in a suit, wear a shirt that is lighter than your suit’s colour.

5. Don’t stuff your denims inside your boots (that looks girly), instead, roll up the bottom of your denims and flaunt your boots.

6. DENIMS are a magic portion. Use it much and use it wisely. Wear your denims for your comfort and style.

7.  Do not copy a look, create your own SIGNATURE STYLE.

8. Only if you want to look taller, match the colour of your socks with the colour of your trouser.

9.  Short Guys should avoid wearing loose fittings. Baggy Denims are a big “NO” for them.

10. Wearing Socks and Sandals together is like a crime.

11. Dark GREY is classier than BLACK.

12. Always wear a BELT.

13. Big and bold guys should tie a bigger knot on their tie.

14. RED is a colour that should be worn properly. It is both a casual and a formal colour. If you go wrong with it you might end up looking like a clown but if worn properly, it ROCKS.

15. Play aloud with your FOOTWEAR.

Hope reading these helped. These were a few casual dressing tips for men. 

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