Zalora Ambassador Gem Fashion Tips for Men

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Not only women has it but do men as well has the taste on fashion though men’s fashion can be just as fun as women’s fashion; you just have to know how to go about finding your own personal style. Take these basics and a few tips and add your personality to find the right combination of looks that work for you.
Now, lets tackle about these things up base on my own idea and knowledge about fashion though fashion is not really my forte but after all what my taste and words are, are indeed just words but for sure you'll adopt some of them; I guess.

I don't want to be too technically on this since I can't. I honestly can't, so bear with me. Are you that type of men who loves to fashion himself? are skinny, or even a short guy thinking what's the best look for you? Just worry less on this and I'll try to give you just basic but somehow can help you in a way. Again, these are literally basic but for sure can help you in a way as I was keep saying.

No need to enumerate these tips I will give to you now; let's just be realistic 'cause we find it somehow unbelievable and kinda for the sake of telling you that these are the real tips. Ok let's start. Some of the guys or if not most of the men doesn't really care about fashion as long as they wear and look presentable. Comfortable and being simple is fine with them not knowing that a bit of style can add spice on their cool looks. It's a plus "POGI" points to women though. Talking about simplicity is already on men's closet for long time and that can't be deny by anybody unless they aren't a real men. I'm speaking about men here not teens who do experiments on their skanky looks like wearing XL tops with big logos on it plus loose pants and high cut fit shoes. Try to start with simple shirt, cardigans, few accessories and watch! Don't forget to wear watch. I just don't know or it is just me but I find it cool when men do wear watch whatever their outfit is. No need to break the simplicity you got on your butt just keep going on it. Mix and match, look at the mirror and go.

Note: buy clothes that match your skin tone. Don't look like a trying hard copycat. A friend of mine told me before while we're out, he said we have to wear top that matches our eyes. I find it weird yet it really works. Try it, I mean if you have blue eyes, do wear blue top. Get the point? Something like that.

Now, you got the look and if you want to look best make sure that the clothes you wear are fit but not to tight; enough to smoothly hug you. This way will often show your masculinity. Be a man dude. Speaking of that though you follow what I said make sure to be vigilant as well on the designs or details of your clothes or the clothes you wear. Make sure that doing mix and match is not just good but make it perfect. Top and your bottom should correspond on each other not fighting to each others. Also be careful on the colors of your clothes especially red, that's really dangerous; it may ruin your outfit.

Note: do not wear super short sleeves, hell yeah that's self explanatory. Good luck to you on that part.

Aside from watch that I want you to invest more on, shoes as well. These items can kill your outfit that everyone would love. It will pay off your investment, so push for the most expensive shoes and watches.

Don't wear tight short or very short shorts. Wear pants if necessary, wearing pants is not an option but a must. It must be fit and beware of wearing baggy pants.

Above all, do experiment but not too much. Don't mind the trends because you, yourself is fashion and you, yourself is a fashion setter. Find something not just suit your body but your personality as well. Again, it's not about the clothes you wear but on how you carry them.

Not only women can do this, men also.

Oppss. Before I forgot, not only fashion can be seen on the clothes or items you are wearing but on yourself as well like proper grooming. So, I'll just have to add these: hairstyle, whiter teeth. taking care of skin, clean nails; have it clipped instead and get a tan. White guys looks a little off of a gay-ish. I guess that would be all.

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