PF X Genealogy Giveaway!

11:08 AM
Good day flippers! Recently I actually bumped into an online shop and posted a blog about them here; that was just because of my amazement on their items specially their shades and the 2D Cartoon Bag. Really loved it honestly. But anyway talking about them, I am now serving you a new giveaway as promise and it is duly sponsored by Genealogy Fashion House.

To know more and refresh your mind about them, click here: Featured Store: Genealogy Fashion House

All of us and if not maybe majority of the people really loves Lady Gaga as she just born on her own way, she inspire people, she's crazy, unique and indeed a fashion setter. Why I say this because this is in relation to our giveaway prize. without further a do, here it is.

The contest is very easy and it will run for only 2 weeks or until rafflecopter widget will end receiving your entries. All you have to do is to follow the mandatory mechanics and the additional extra points that can literally helps you boost up your chances of winning.

 This is what up for grab to our lucky winner: BARRACUDA SHADES

Now, just like me, if you also thinking if you can use it outdoor; well the answer is Yes! Look at this image below. You can actually walk straight!

Now, for the contest proper's what are you going to do. Just complete the widget and do sending your entries daily.


Good luck to all!

P.S. If you want a complete list for giveaway here, don't forget to see this blog sidebar. Thank you.
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