Genealogy Fashion House

I so love featuring stores here on my blog; actually only those stores that I love or they have items that really grab my interest. As usual every morning is my online surfing routine wherein I read and surf online and do things alike. Recently I've been featuring fashion trends from different online shops and indeed being one of Z Ambassador I guess I have to maximize and be out of my core to explore more beyond just for all my readers and for the job I am doing; where I am committed.

As I was saying just this morning I bumped myself to this store where they easily captured my interest to view their collection and did not fail me to amazed though this is another female shop. What makes me love is the reason that they have these cool items.

I'm talking about Genealogy Fashion House an online store located not an island away since Butuan City is also in Mindanao. I honestly don't have that much background about their store but one thing is for sure, they're a shop one person should look up to for the next months or years because of their creative and innovative idea in fashion as they setting unique and cool trends as they features stuff which actually an attention grabber and definitely head turner.

Mentioned that Genealogy Fashion House is an online store for female yet you can still find unisex items or for male items like the item/s I'm featuring right now; the PIXEL GLASSES.

Hit the jump for one more shots of these. Or don't, I'm as upset about this as you are if we can't have these items right? No one can afford this to miss. I'm not a fan of Kpop as you observe that the items is more on KPop items.  Looks like it's knock-off neon Wayfarers for you, flippers.

Wow! This is my fave item now and part of my wishlist. Looking forward to have this. If you also want to have these pixel glasses, do visit their page on facebook to learn more about these glasses and how to purchase it.

Visit now! Anyway, Genealogy Fashion House is not only selling these pixel glasses 'cause they have stored lot of items that you can choose from.

They're not just an online store because they also have a built physical store where you can personally shop; it is located at JC Aquino Across Click Bar/David Salon. Pink Container Van.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop now before the items you like will run out of stock. visit their FB page for details on how to purchase. Ins't it cute, I mean awesome right? Hope they can be our partner for our next giveaway here.
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