Sam Milby & Jed Madela w/ Krissy & Ericka Show 08/09/12

5:13 PM
Last night KCC brings us an all-night concert with Sam Milby and Jed Madela together with Krissy and Ericka LIVE at Lagao Gymnasium, 8pm! My most awaited concert of Sam & Jed here in GenSan just happened and it's a wow experienced seeing those two guys gave a blast of momentum to each generals who attended the said event; not to mention Krissy and Ericka as well are both superb.

I actually head over to the event center an hour the concert start for me to be able to get the chair that I really wanted since I got a ring side ticket which is place right in front of the stage where artists are going to perform. Sitting 4 chairs away from the stage is really not bad, indeed too lucky since those chairs in front of me we're reserved for VIP's and sponsors. I attended the concert party last night alone yet it doesn't really matter to me though somewhat kinda awkward to shout because the people around me are totally strangers and I don't really know what will their reactions be.

Anyway, I just quite disappointed at first since it took 2.hours of waiting before the concert start; the expected 8pm turned 9pm. Still I'm not bored because of the show flashed on the screen that entertained the people while waiting. From great acts in a circus shows to funny pranks of 9gags.

Taking this shot from my chair. Not only us are being entertained but as well as this guard on the side; focus watching without minding the people on his back whose also watching videos on the big screen. After the long wait was over, event hosts give their spiels and officially start the event by calling some audience to participate a game.

It's a puzzle game wherein two groups consisting of 3 members each battle to win a prize each from KCC Mall. All they have to do is to complete the puzzle as example appeared on the left side of their board. After the game 2, awesome ladies rendered an intermission numbers as front acts of the show.

Hands it to Lovely (dress in blue) and Gracelyn (floral dress) as they prepare the crowd with their smooth and great voices. Both we're GenSan's pride. GenSan pop idols and, also represent GenSan from different singing competition in the city and nearby places.

Krissy and Ericka spice up the stage as they entertained everyone with their cute and lovely voices. Krissy & Ericka are siblings and a pop-acoustic music duo. They garnered fame through covers uploaded on YouTube and even singing and creating their own music. As they shared their story and how they started as a singer on a social media; last night people like painting smiles on their faces because of these two ladies.

In 2012, they released a single titled "12:51" as the lead single for their sophomore album, Twelve: Fifty One.  The song charted in the Philippine charts at number 6. The song reached top 1 here in GenSan because of the great loads of request radio stations receiving. They sing 12:51 and the crowd applauded.

After Krissy and Ericka, next appeared on the stage was Sam Milby and the crowd goes wild. Literally! He then sing "Breakeven" of The Script. Not only girls go crazy but gays and other guys as well. He is indeed the reason why GenSan is suffering from scorching rays of the sun these past few days.
Actually he wore coat yet he get undressed to look more cool and preppy.

Sam gave "kilig" to each one of us last night. He actually made my night. All he did was awesome and I'm too in touch with it. Sam is Sam and is so HandSam. He went downstage and I got the opportunity to have a shake hands with him.

Last but definitely not the least Jed Madela went out from backstage and mesmerize everyone with his singing prowess which is too powerful and amazing. I'm speechless with Jed. Everything about him are superb.

Everyone enjoyed Jed's performances and even make the people laugh as he started to spoof some artist like Charice and what makes us crazy as he spoof the World Boxing Champ Manny Pacqiuo. People like laughing out loud. The Past was "ohmaygaad!" so relate. LOL!

Here are some Jed's clip at last night's event. Jed is the man!

I must thank and kudos for KCC Mall for bringing these artist here in GenSan for Tuna Feast.

Please bear with me for the bad images resolution since prior the event I dropped the camera. :( Yet happy for the reason that the camera is working still.
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