Lawrence Prince; the Swagger!

7:42 AM
What does swag mean? I have to admit to my self that I really don't know what does it mean since I'm not that type of person considering my self to be on trends of being in a style of swagging. But what "SWAG" really mean is? As far as I'm concern on this word, it reflects to youngster that not just express what they feel but outburst the feeling they have on themselves that leads them to be dominant on some cases yet rather still on their core of being good and moral in some ways. This they call a little rebel; a spice of being a teenager. Bottom line I guess it's about not just fashion but one's style, not just clothing but how fly you are and how trill you are; as in cool. Swag means cool? Isn't it? hahaha teenager just want to be cool. Indeed.

Before I keep in touch with that swagging thingy; greetings to all of you. Just recently I bumped into this new online store I'm going to feature now. Talking about swagging, they're really into it since they already established something with it. I was quite surprise how cool their items are. Well I'm talking about Lawrence Prince online store on Facebook.

Lawrence Prince has a large and great variety of stuff that you can choose from with its vast list of swag designs and style; thought you can't resist. Commendable because of its competitive prices and great services. I actually don't have that much background on this store but what drives me to featured them is their innovation on how to spice things up with the things they've stored for everybody.

Allow me to share some of their items that I instantly fell in love.

You should know then how I easily feel in love with backpacks specially with colors white, black or grey since yours truly is indeed a backpack collector. Eyeing this one is just like having a famished tummy craving for some Lasagna and Garlic Bread with Tuna Taco. Hope to have this one soon as part of my collection.

Look at that Panda necklace? haha eye catching indeed. Then the shoes. hmnp! ...the shoes that fits for all season, just know how to mix and match with it; scroll down my archive, I have fashion tips on you guys for that. Here comes again the pixel glasses... for Kpop lovers; actually for all. the style is creative so as this Ice watch.

Trendy and fashionable varsity jackets. No one can resist these jackets if it is stored for grab. I already 2 and looking forward to own more. haha

Well I'm now in love with Lawrence... I mean the store Lawrence Prince. Shop now and be swag 'cause they have something for you soon and if you buy at least 1500, well a thank you item will be given to you for free. Awesome right?; really is.

Visit them now on Facebook: Lawrence Prince
For fast transaction, contact them at: 09175268997 number is strictly for business only.

So what are you waiting for? Put some swag on and visit Lawrence Prince store!
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