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The other night while I'm out with friends and we talked a lot of things we actually landed to the point of having a conversation regarding beauty pageant and the like. We do Q&A and I guess I find it easy since I'm used to it. Now in relation to that I got this very tough question to answer and discuss: "How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?" This is in lieu to the advocacy of  Kojie.San about preserving humanity.

"Manly is an adjective used to describe the physical and psychological characteristics of individuals traditionally associated with men such as courage and strength. Manliness differs from masculinity in that the latter refers to a simple biological predestination while the former is often used to describe the more sublime ideals of qualities traditionally specific to men. All males are masculine as they are sexually male. Yet manliness looks down upon males not exhibiting full native characteristics. Standards of strictly masculine and higher manly behavior have changed over time and vary a great deal depending on cultural values, upbringing and personal beliefs."

This thought might be superficial on the sense of taking views not from the men hands but on women points of view. Somehow ridiculous and dangerous. It might kills men's ego. But talking about being manly I guess you don't have to go deeper on it 'cause by simply protecting your family, wife, and children from harm is another way of defining the term. Being realistic and simple on the said matter will make things less complicated and easy to understand. There are a lot of things which one can be manly on the sense like taking responsibility for everything he has or hasn't done, respects to nature and the environment, to be the leader of his household, to love and understand women and appreciate their wisdom, to never complain, to never whinge, to suck it up and be proud of overcoming anything and be brave. That's the modern man we have today, not pretending of into something they are not like parting thoughts from simplicity, realistic into something implausible.

While the definition of manliness has been endlessly discussed and dissected which don't have exactly the right thought for it apart from it is a characteristic of being manly. I think manliness is a virtue that has something to deal with Courage, Loyalty, Industry, Resiliency, Resolution, Personal Responsibility, Self-Reliance, Integrity, and Sacrifice that cloaked into a man living portal. I only see this notion in the sense and base on the things I read and learned. I don't want to be bias on the idea of others but on dealing with manliness, one should be manly himself.

But to give specific answer on the said question, I guess to preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences, Man should have:

  • The posture and mannerisms like a man
  • Never give a another man a compliment about his appearance
  • Burp, split, and scratch your love nest often
  • Do not be in touch with your feelings or sensitive side
  • Date lots of women, and if you think you are dating too many women, date some more
If you have all these on how to act manly, then that's great but the last thing to do with what I mentioned above is to become a real man and that is, GROW UP!  And the way you grow up is to disregard every suggestion said previously and be yourself.

There is no other way to preserve manliness 'cause these can't be taken away; though world is born with temptation but I do believe having those principles I have mentioned above manliness is epic on one's self.

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