Let’s Move & Let’s Love

When I'm with THEM! There's a No No Paradise. Have you heard of the song with lyrics "When I'm with you its paradise"? First heard this song while I'm with my neighbor friends during our sneak out when I was on the page of making trouble and being so outcast-ed in the family. Yes I was once a bad; really really bad son for my parents. I even run away from home for about 5 months just to follow what I really wanted to do and that is to enjoy life and make myself be in the world where no one is king but me. LOL exaggerated isn't it? but on a serious I've been to of being the black shepherd of the family. I stayed away in General Santos for 5 months. Anyway, this article is not meant for my drama in life or about the people I had before but about the bonding I made to my new friends wherein I am very much thankful that God given me this kind set of friends. I do let bygones be bygones so whatever I did before I already pay-ed off myself to that.
Relating to the song Paradise; I don't consider the feeling of being in a paradise when I'm with them because they are the guys where you so see flaws, problems, dramas, bitchiness and the like but I must say being with them is a hell of a heaven feeling. Aside from those negatives I mentioned; those were covered by the goodness each one of them has despite each one of us uniqueness. I'm proud to say that my friends are pretty awesomes; Jigs, Jules, Gelvic, Kersey, Mak and Papang Abel. Others aren't mentioned yet since they often go out with us.

I met these people last year while I indulged my self on my friends outsourcing business; I'm an assistant Team Leader of the Direct Sales Agents/ HR officer/ Secretary; haha actually all around. Jules we're my co-agent, Jigs is my friend's cousin, Gv and Kersey are both Dota player -- they got acquainted Jules and Jigs in a cafe where they all play Dota. Mak and Papang we're Jigs friends in Davao and I get associate with them just the last few months when they arrived here in GenSan. Yeah got little confusion? -just don't mind it then because the important thing is, we all friends. But to complete the list we have:

  • Dhang - my former classmates since high school who also applied at the same outsourcing company
  • Jona - who also my co-agent, not preggy and she really loves to pigs out
  • Ian - Jona's boyfee
  • Arben - son of God and planning to be a priest someday, also my co-agent
  • Jone - co-agent, the drama king, the lover boy
  • Siena - owner of the outsourcing company, Jigs' cousin, my long time friend
  • Mike - Siena's soon-to-be husband, co-owner of the company
  • Julain - our dirty little friend haha she's clean yet like what other say "mas bakla pa sa bakla"
  • Marvin - the total package; humor, talent wit but not the looks. LOL!
  • Brael - the I.T. master
  • Joseph - the lover boy, expert
  • Rhyndyll - Jigs' cousin, beauty queen, blogger, host and soon lawyer
  • Weng - out mother and very close friend of mine; bestfriend

To those I failed to mention my apology since I can't remember your name while writing this post.

Here are some photos of our bonding moments; these photos will speak for themselves; moments we're priceless. For me the true meaning of friendship is unconditional. It is when you care for and love a person whatever their faults and failings, and they treat you in the same way. It is reciprocal: both parties consider the good of the other as equal to their own. True friends accept difference, but share commonalities. A true friend makes you happy, can criticize without hurting and is unafraid to tell the truth. True friends can accept truth from each other.

They're not actually as good looking as me but please bear with me 'cause friendship is beyond the look; it measured by the heart. hahaha

But above all the true meaning of friendship is having them in my life.

This year these people made an impact in my life and I'm happy how they contributed pieces of learning to me. They become an instrument in my life's turning point and me becoming the new me now. Truly said that I'm better than before and know now who really Gem is. I know what are my priorities now and I know what are the things I really meant to do.

Wishing for no more because having them in my life is indeed a bountiful success of love and friendship. I'll ask for no more because they, themselves complete me. My family is given though. If you just meet my friends, for sure you all get jealous with me because I got the awesomus set friends in the world. I'll never get tired of saying I'm proud of them. I love you all biatch.

Let's MOVE and Let's LOVE!

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