We spell P-A-R-T-Y all the way!

12:00 PM
Better late than never Hahaha bear with me since it's quite late on posting this article for we all get rested after having a blast of celebration last September 5 during the opening of Tuna Festival here in GenSan. Prior to the celebration we already planned for a meet up on our kinda favorite resto bar; Kalinath Wine & Dine. We are actually regular costumers. Apart from that, there's a late upload of photos.

We actually did not head over the celebration of Tuna Festival because we have our own celebration and during that night a heavy rain strikes the whole city; don't know if it's a blessings in disguise or just telling us to go back home yet we are Generals and we not afraid of rain. LOL Rain or shine "go lang go!".

As I was talking, that date before the feast a chain message was relayed to all friends to be notified for the 2nd Pizza Party on September 05, 10pm at Kalinath and to note that it is duly sponsored by beloved Jona and Ian; the lovers. Thanks for treating us. Loved all the foods.

We ordered:

Margarita Presto Pizza
Filipino Style Spaghetti
French Style Carbonara
Mexican Tortillas
Garlic Breads
...I forgot the others.

Our itinerary that night:

Kalinath Wine & Dine
Pahayahay Resto Bar
Plaza Heneral Santos
Mc Donalds GenSan Highway


10pm - 6am

Bear with our photos, they don't have good resolution not because of the gadget we used, its iPad 3 though, the problem is the one taking the photos. hahaha we don't have photos of the foods we ate, it's not our type to taking pics while eating... hahaha we do pictorial right after getting full.

In order from left the one with vest Dhang, Jules, Oliver, Allan, Vince, Gem and Jona respectively. We just met Oliver and Vince that night; they accompanied Jules and Jigs. We used to call Oliver as Mayor because he wore long sleeve black with abstract design on the side like politician wear during parties. LOL Oliver is Jules friend. Vince is Jigs friend came all the way from Luzon and visited GenSan for GenSan Tuna Congress. He sat beside me in polo checkered. He speak tagalog and can't understand bisaya, we're like ohmaygaad! hahaha we don't speak bisaya on our daily basis though.

Look at the photos? Now tell me where's the justice? The resolution, the timing and the one taking the pics is indeed poor. hahaha The guy in black is Ian. Can't find any goodness on the photos we have. LOL!

Right after eating at Kalinath we head our way at Pahayahay Resto bar to get drunk. KTV session and shisha.

Instagram photos of Allan. 1st photo show some candle light drinking session with shisha on the side. 2nd photo is located in front of Plaza Heneral Santos. You can find the biggest digital clock in GenSan -Pendatun Avenue corner Pioneer. 3rd photo is at Mc Donalds GenSan highway branch for our breakfast. 4th photo is as we head back home. Allan dropped by the car to capture sunrise.

Mc Donalds moment! Breakfast galore! haha

PS they don't know that before Dhang and I meet up the others at Kalinath we had a bonding moment at Dunkin Donuts pioneer avenue. I order my fave Bavarian.
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