ROCKSTEDDY & ITCHYWORMS back-to-back Concert in GenSan

2:25 PM
After giving a superb performances and concert experienced last Saturday night with Sam Milby and Jed Madela with guest Krissy and Ericka, another blast from KCC as they brings you two of the most sought after rock band in the country, Rocksteddy back-to-back with Itchyworms LIVE at Lagao Gym on September 9, 2012, 8pm! This is also in celebration of the 14th Tuna Festival in GenSan of course.

It's really nice to feel such enjoyment seeing artist performed on the stage. Since I love Rocksteddy and Itchyworms, I cant afford to missed them watching in a concert.


I actually watch a couple of youtube videos of these bands and even sing some of their songs with lyrics in my room; a preparation indeed for the said concert event. Prior to this, after receiving my tickets it seems that I'm drunk and drowned with happiness.


On the said day/night, last night actually I arrived early enough to get to our seats before the rest of the row is filled. We luckily got chairs from the 2nd row and that is 1 chair away from the stage; so near right? By the way, I'm with my friend Timmy since I have extra 1 ticket. Timmy and I both wear dress appropriately like Peter Adrian and David Guison. LOL We're trying hard fashion setter street edition. hahaha

Like the other night with Sam and Jed we waited around 2 hours before the concert start but while waiting we then again entertained by the laugh out loud videos flashed on the big screen which kills audience boredom. After the long wait these two humorous hosts from KCC Malls appeared and welcomed everyone. They're on the theme as well wearing preppy rocking clothes; good thing they wore red properly since red is the most dangerous color 'cause if you don't know how to carry it; your outfit will be ruined. So clap clap to them.

There's a little game like what they had always before spicing up everyone with great performances from the front acts. Actually the program was just the same like what they prepared during Sam and Jed's concert.

Top image: Lovely, Bottom: Kristine respectively performed as front acts of the show.

After front acts performances Itchyworms then head their way to dominate the concert stage as they blazed up with rockin' song the whole gymnasium.

Band Members:
  • Jugs Jugueta - Lead vocalist
  • Chino Singson - Backing Vocals
  • Kelvin Yu - Backing Vocals
  • Jazz Nicolas - Drums

The Itchyworms is a Filipino rock band whose music is primarily guitar-driven rock with pronounced 1960s and 1980s pop sensibilities and embellished with two- or three-part vocal harmonies.

In the middle of the show during Itchyworms spotlight; they conduct a game to selected 5 people where 1 winner will bring home Itchyworms cd. 4 girls and a guy we're chosen by no choice. LOL! Man power since Jugs proclaimed him as the winner through audience votes (through scream and cheers). The guy; I forgot his name amazed everyone how good he is in beat-boxing.

The tube girl in black came all the way from general admission area, literally at the top. She came down the stage as she personally chosen by Jugs to be part of the game and in lieu to that she will automatically receive a free kiss from Kelvin. Kelvin then politely take advantage by giving the pretty girl a big hug and a sweet kiss.

Lesbian in blue we're chosen to received red Rayban glasses from Jugs and a chance to have nose-to-nose. Dang! I was sitting behind her and I actually raised my hand. hahaha Too lucky audience.

Still thanking God since I got the opportunity of taking pic with Jugs.

I really enjoyed Itchyworms performances and the song choice we're just fit for the crowd so everyone can relate and can sing with them. Kudos Itchyworms!

After Itchyworms, time now to rock ' roll with Rocksteddy. So happy and enjoying Teddy's humor and the sense of a professional artist as he set the fire through the rain.. haha I mean on the stage. I can't stop saying "ohmaaygaad" 'cause everyone we're mesmerized by Teddy's actuation and the like. He really is an amazing performer.

Band Members:
  • Jeff Cucullo - Drums
  • Christian Sindico - Bass, vocals
  • Juven Pelingon - Guitar
  • Teddy Corpuz - Lead vocals

Rocksteddy is an alternative rock Filipino band recording on 12 Stone Records, which is a Sony BMG imprint.

Crowd rolled with laughter when Teddy start to interact with the audience and even make fun with the spotlight. I assumed he will be doing the "bertud" thingy but it's more than that. A little twist on Always Be My Baby song. Watch it here:

Not only that, If Itchyworms prepared a game, so as Teddy of Rocksteddy. 10 lovely ladies we're picked and got the chance to hug and kiss Teddy. The twist was there's actually 11 audiences being picked yet the 11th person is gay. Watch what happened here:

I don't know what to feel but somewhat I kinda get envious with the gay audience. Honestly, they picked me first yet I refuse, I mean they said I'm too formal for the skit. hahahaha

Rocksteddy, I salute you!

Bottomline: these two bands are bands to beat.
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