What's inside?

6:40 PM
Bear with me since this is just a quick post.

I think my generation was the first to fully indulge in the part of our human instincts that wants to share things, and wants for others to notice what we share. I see no bad connotations to that as long we, ourselves are responsible on all the things we shared online and being a believer of what we posted or shared online are for everyone but I think for the sake of sharing, it should be properly credited so we wont suffer like what Sen. Sotto suffered.

Anyway, so much for that since this post is not meant on that matter though it has a bit relevance. I would like just to share to you now the stuff that made my day. It's just like they poured down from heaven and painted a smile on my face. These things indeed surprised me. So, without further a do, I'll share to you what I got this day. 

Early morning I got a sms from Unisilver Time at SM GenSan telling me that I can now get my watch from them in collaboration of Makabayan Watch; this is because of my active participation on their online community.

After lunch, a DHL express delivery man arrived and looking for me to hands me a new package I recently won from Unlimusic Fb page. A Francis M. black shirt with yellow/gold print.

So, I took some photo before heading my way to City Hall to meet Sir Avel as he tweeted me late morning to drop by to his office. So, I had my lunch first before I leave home.

We had a little chit chat before Sir Avel hands me the GenSan Gazer mag where Anne Curtis on the cover during her Annebisyosa concert here in GenSan last June. After getting the mag, I  stayed at the Plaza Heneral Santos to actually read it and I honestly enjoyed and being entertained. The back part of the mag is the newly open SM City GenSan.

I went back home after 3 hours of stay at Plaza Heneral Santos. When I got home, a new package again is waiting for me and here it is; from Photojeepney. The size is A4; pc monitor size like.

Ok! I'll end this post by sharing to your what's inside my bag. What you see is what you get. don't judge me, that's how messy my small bag is. I got the bag from Bench and its again free like those items posted above.

  • Firmoo Eyeglasses
  • Green Cross Alcohol
  • Bench Hand-sanitizer
  • Bible
  • Phone
  • Nivea for men lipstick
  • Starbucks gift certificate
  • Black Zambia Cellet
  • Cash
  • Cards/ ID's
  • Nivea wet tissue
  • Condom
  • Face powder
  • Watermelon sticker paper

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