My Wishlist do come true!

12:30 PM
Christmas is fast approaching and almost everyone now are gearing up themselves for another blast of celebration this coming December. "-ber" months just started yet the festive aura of people are burning with passion and love for Christmas but apart from preparing on what to do on the said biggest celebration in the world, people we're will never forget to set up a wishlist; things they love to have before the year ends. Wishlist is something or an often mental list of things wanted or wished for, others say that it is just a list of desired but often realistically unobtainable items. Well, here I would like to emphasize that wish list do come true and the things I really wanted be mine.

I'm not rich as others thinks I am, they just don't know where I came from that's why its easy for them to put words on people they don't know well but what lacking them is seeing what's behind the person they are talking. This is not actually about my background though so bear with me with that phrase. Anyway, for us Filipino wishlist is not a new thing to do since we all are actually making a wishlist, dreaming of something we hope to come true.

This post is meant to show you what are my physical wishlist are since those really are my wishlist we're already written in my heart and mind. These are just random wishlist that somehow I badly wants to have. Let's start off:

Ebooks Reader

I don't demand on brands or whatsoever as long as I own an ebooks reader. I can’t buy the newer generation Kindle, so according to research the Sony Reader PRS-650BC Touch Edition is a great alternative. This unit truly makes readers feel like I'm reading a genuine book; I actually imagining every time I read ebooks using my smartphone. Featuring a 6-inch screen, this Sony Reader utilizes the E Ink technology which eliminates glare and reduces eye strain. Reading outdoors won’t be a problem with this unit.


I like the thought of you are walking barefooted because fundals are strapless flip flops. They’re trendy, re-usable and ensure evenly tanned feet! Fundals have a special high-tech layer that sticks to the foot sole. Just step the Fundals® and go! No tan lines, no hot feet, no blisters or anything between your toes! All the comfort of being barefoot! Follow the maintenance instructions, and they can be used over and over again. Cool right? That's why I love it.

Galaxy Note

I am giving this device the highest rate of 10. Impressed that Samsung have slimmed Note 2 down making it easier to hold and marginally increased the screen size. Improvements to stylus and features like Air View. If you have to use glasses,big screens are a boon to those users looking for devices like the Note. They make a lot of sense. My dream actually to own this.

For now that would be all but will update this post as soon as after weighing all the things I needed.

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