Creepy Foods will be Served!

11:00 AM
No Halloween party is complete without food but making spooking foods will surely make your guest boo and will creep out. hahaha Doing so will make the event/night extra awesome and memorable. Make it a night with your evil mind on the looks of the foods.

A creepy yet yummy foods are about to serve that you surely love. Halloween is few days to go so as people are gearing up now for their Halloween treat as they give new image on the food base on the celebration. It may look gross and will tingling your taste buds but the taste itself though I haven't tried any, for sure they all taste really good despite their bad looks. So here I compile some of that creepy foods I snag online. Hope that after getting this image without permission wont lead me to cyber jail, just because we have this cyber crime law and please no cyber addict will report me to any cyber police hahaha then that's what we called horror. Anyways, photos are not mine and credited to its owner.

Dead Man Fingers Sandwich

Shriveled Potatoes with Romesco Sauce

Eye-Scream Sweets

Human Heart Cake

Brain Cupcakes


Peepers Jell-O

Puking Pumpkin


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