Eklavoo Avenue

Be glam. So fab. Be gay-ish.

Another way to start being fashionable and trendy. It's a kick starter as I was reunited to some friends from afar the other night and we're quite excited to see each others after parting few months back from work in a BPO company. We do a lot of talk and got ended being stuck on having a convo about style and shopping. We aren't that fashionista but we often give critics to each others look; only on our circle though. In lieu with this upon getting home and do online stuff, I accidentally open a Facebook page; It's a page. I thought it's just another typical online store yet as I tour the page, I find it cool and with unique stuff like their bracelet like watch. The page is kinda like a DIY shop. I can't help myself to blog about the shop because of their awesomus products and a vast list of choices.

Great finds in a cheaper value yet still cozy, I guess that's how the shop Eklavoo Avenue defines its store. I may not have that much background about them yet seeing the store is quite impressive and indeed already established its market. I easily in touch myself to them and hopefully soon will shop on their online store. Before I forget and for sure you will agree with me that the name itself is so catchy and so gay. I loved it.

They also a physical store aside from their booming online pages. Visit their web pages now:

As mentioned what I liked the most about the store is their stylist wrap around watch. So girly. So gay-ish. It's worth the price for 239php. These actually their best selling items.

How about loving these cute bears worth 139php?

Aside from these they also have stainless jewelries stored for you. So better visit their page now and buy what you like. For them, its first come first served.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy now only at Eklavoo Avenue.
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