trying InstaPic

6:57 PM
Call me naive, and I know the app is very easy yet I somehow lost myself on how to edit pics and captured them directly using InstaPic. I honestly just downloaded the app using my android phone yet still messing up. hahaha I aint that stupid enough but I think I'm owning the app now for I know how the whole thing works, so almost there using the app just like eating a piece of cake.

These photos below are InstaPic of mine so bear with me since these was taken and done by a neophyte like me. Hope you somehow like it. LOL

Photo taken randomly and brought up from my fb account.

This was last Friday with my sibling on the photo while eyeing new clothes to buy at OXYGEN store, KCC Mall, GenSan. We actually bought new items.

Had fun watching This Guy's In Love with you Mare.

Just bought Banana Peel new collections of flip flops.
Read full review here: Banana Peel: White "AXIS" design
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