Instragraming in a Saturday night!

11:00 AM
While doing business online and making stuff the like, and literally speaking am busy; I got a call from a friend telling me to go out/ sneak out for just a fun celebration after a long week of busy days. Trying just to chill out and put off ourselves from being imprisoned to reality. Anyhow, it's still a productive one since we're being bless.

So upon getting a call, without hesitation, I accept the invitation and geared up myself. After few minutes they picked me up and headed to nowhere else. Anyway, we've been to a lot of places in one night and really had fun. Must thank my friends for accompanying me. To Rain, Addie and Alora.

Anyway, this post is meant to post my instagram pics on my android phone. It's actually my first time to download instagram on my android phone since it's I'm not that type of person taking pics for insta blahblah. So bear with me if I'm not good on editing thingy. The pics posted here are just clip photos during our sneak out last night. If you're asking who's that guy on the pic, that's Addie; our model. hahaha

First time to try below zero-beer. We're at One Roma Square.

Now they served my 2nd bottle.

Serving my Frozen Ice Tea.

Halloween display on the entrance of the bar.

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