Pink is Men next Black!

12:22 AM
I don't find it exuding on men to wear colors like neon's or even just only a particular color like pink. But what really exudes on men wearing pink is their confidence. I find it hot though or shall I say only real men wears pink? or is it the other way around?

Men wearing pink colors just made them a way cooler yet though there are a lot of words coming out from people who sees you that it might pull you off then all of them are wrong 'cause it will just put you to a higher value of being a good looking creature. There are a lot of representation from others point of view that men wont step on the edge on wearing something girl-ish specifically anything that deals with Pink which only being dominated by women.

In today's generation everything evolve and even the fashion industry wants you to get out of your typical closet and explore more from your comfort zone in talking about fashion and trends. Lets all not cloaked ourselves on the battle of runway. Be keen on your own way; the face of fashion has its own neck. Pink is not just a typical color; It's alluring, its pleasing and above all it has a calming effect to us psychologically.

For me personally if you're still not convinced how great pink is, women love pink and are more likely to give you a second glance. A literal "POGI" points for men. so I have listed here that can give you a glance and to think not twice that PINK is the best color to choose for men. Aside from it give "POGI" points, it also add some spice on the looks of your own persona.


You will the next women head turner. Believe it or not. Mean wearing pink is definitely a hit. For shirt? Try baby pink.


Wearing pink will bound you to win the hearts of women and tees is just way to cool to start your get up.


Do a trick by adding a pink tie on your formal suit. I mean not just trick but be a bit naughty.


For those who like to play it cool, pink shorts are the way to go. On this note wear a darker top like the color Red, pink can a be a dangerous color if you don't know how to mix and match.


One thing I want to say. Wearing it is a statement.

Anyway, just remember that it's not about the clothes you wear but on how you carry them. Make sure you wear the right attitude to match! Don't be shy yet just be confident. So what are you waiting for? Adding pink on your closet now; start shopping. 
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