Media & Bloggers Rally vs Cybercrime Law

10:15 PM
We won the first battle but how about the next fight? Will still luck adhere on our side? The fight against Cybercrime Law now getting to its peak where the people of the Republic of the Philippines call it a deja vu of Martial Law. Law said to be the first act of the government implemented which resulted of creating a barrier or a wall against its people.

These photos below were taken last Tuesday as media and bloggers in GenSan unite vs Cybercrime law. On the same date a 120 days TRO was release from the SC which also resulted a dismay on some senators regarding the implementation of controversial Cybercrime Prevention Act. We aren't that much happy on the TRO since we demand a move of trashing it permanently but it's already a big help.

SC decision  need to be respected but Senate Majority Leader Sen. TitoSotto call it a "Big Blow" against government cyber crimes campaign. TRO normal number of days if only 20 yet we are given 120 by the Supreme Court.

TRO may not be the official decision of SC for trashing the said law but for us its the right and just a first move to make the freedom and the right of expression Philippines has reign supreme.

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