Sneak Peek of #PagesFlipperAnniversary

9:03 PM
My blog anniversary next month is fast approaching and I can't stop or even pause the time so I can breathe and think on what to do yet the agony I have kills me, so by that I come up of serving a giveaway and yet since its my 1st anniversary why not make it the biggest giveaway of this year so at least I have something to do while the date come to arrive.

Now this post is meant to show you our official photo for the anniversary and for the giveaway I am talking about. Its called the Giveaway Rally since its indeed a rally of prizes and fun. I guess nothing can beat this compared to other bloggers like who just started bloggers. So, don't compare with others who has been doing blogs for over a year. The milestone I got and the blessings poured on me was incomparable and am very much thankful to it. I will not go too much on that 'cause that note is for my anniversary statement. hahaha

Here's a short deets on our giveaway.

It will be 1 giveaway but has too many mechanics since there are 11 all in all sponsors who will help me provide prizes to all winners. If doing it individually is take us a lot of time since you have to open multiple pages and do it all. Why not do it all by just opening 1 page right? Less hassle and you can focus on what you are doing.

Here's the complete list of online stores who will sponsor the prizes for us.
  • Thrifty Thread and Online Tiangge
  • Genealogy Fashion House
  • Fofo Exclusive
  • DTC Mobile
  • It's Ladies Choice Supplier
  • Qwezer Clothing
  • North Peak
  • Jules Store
  • Genealogy Tees
  • Lawrence Prince
  • Punk -X- Pretty
List of prizes is not ready yet to disclose.

Anyway, without further ado, here it is.

Thank you so much to me for my commendable effort on reading articles online on how to edit pics and the like. It's indeed an achievement to come up as good as this. Thank you so much. mwuah!
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