UP Diliman - DMMME Road Show

11:00 AM
The other night I luckily got an invite from Sir Avel -our head bloggers to attend a road show presentation of the students of UP Diliman -DMMME department. It was an honor for me to be of this once in a blue moon meeting up with the UP College of Mining and us, the SOX Bloggers. This was made possible by the SMI or the Sagittarius Mines Inc.

At first for me, I never really thought that it would run as that 'cause for all I know it's just another typical shot of a moment. Little by little I clearly acquainted myself with the people and the moment itself. We do getting-to-know stuff and the like then had our dinner. Afterwards we headed to another table to formally start the presentation of the UP students. So, I guess so much on those details since this post is not meant on the story telling side yet anyway, here what goes next.

Mining made a wide range of clamor in the country and different side were told. It may not be a necessary on knowing what mining is but it is indeed a necessity and basically somehow part of our daily living. UP College of Mining may not focus on the literal side of mining but they made us understand why it has to happened. I have to admit and speak for myself that I somehow discourage it but what's lacking on the knowledge I have is the course of knowing what really mining is. Mining could be the latter part of UP-DMMME Road Show and it brought up something through their field specialization.

It's just a sad story to us since Philippines is one of the richest country in terms of minerals yet has the lowest rate in terms of production.Whether we admit it or not talking about Mining gives a negative connotation to people affected. They just don't know what are the importance of Mining and how these help them in many ways. The bottomline, asking why mining? Because we need it.

The literal main purpose of the Road Show is to showcase the MMME department of UP; course, field, importance and in a way educate people.

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