Banana Peel: White "AXIS" design

10:45 PM
Maybe for others they are just another ordinary flip flops but after passing through years of providing good quality products and showing superb innovation of step in's design, Banana Peel now got a long way.

I even have 3 BP flip flops now which I enjoy wearing wherever I go. Banana Peels seems like a cheaper version of Havaianas. I easily get in touch myself to these because of the designs; quality wise, the longevity is evident and the prize is good.

Unlike those expensive flip flops that we can buy on the department stores; Banana Peel has now a convenient way of owning it. There are two ways on getting a pair now. First visit their site and purchase your own pair: or 2nd, you may visit and look for Banana Peel flip flops, click add to cart and click check out; don't forget to use voucher code: GemTadefa upon checking out at Zalora for you to get a 5% discount.

You can also visit their FB also at: Banana Peel Flip Flops

Anyway, I was rushing through the mall department store hallway after my sibling bought new shoes when suddenly my eyes accidentally bumped into a shelf of footwear for men. I see nothing but these head turner slippers from Banana Peel. I stopped. Since I'm a certified fanatic of BP and I honestly haven't own any of their "Pick-Up Lines" designs; with no hesitation I get my pair.

I've been eyeing these cheesy and cool Pinoy Republic collection and I finally got a pair now! Here's the other designs of the said Banana Peel new collections.

Banana Peel has a vast variety of designs from girly looks to a hip and rocker styles, printed and plain plus a good mixtures or colors and somehow awesome abstract painted arts.

Pick-up line printed on the slipper.

"Axis ka ba? ...kasi sayo umi-ikot ang mundo ko!"

Will wear these flip flops tomorrow!

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