Z Spotting; Real Men Wear Boots

10:32 PM

I wasn’t always a fan, however. Before I was exposed to the wonderful world of men’s boots, I had never even considered wearing them, as I didn’t know what they were or where to wear them. Many of us here face this very same problem 'cause not all of us wear boots.

Men don't know that boots are indeed great accessory for a man and adding boots to your wardrobe is a must for the reasons of:

Longevity and Looks:

Boots are literally expensive but talking about longevity, it really last long and I guess no one will go against this. It looks classy and not only they do look good but also they are potentially going to provide years and years of use. Others consider boots as an outfit enhancers and goes with any clothes combinations.

Young and Stylish:

I think one of the reasons why people choose to wear boots is that it makes you more younger and stylish. It’s like they put an extra step in my already fast paced walk. I feel more put together and better suited to take on the day. But that is one of the benefits of boots. It gives you that confidence that no other shoes can give you. For men, especially straight men, I think it adds a certain attractiveness that is not pretentious. To me it shows respect in yourself in that you want to look nice for other people and you’re putting in effort. Best part is they make you look stylish and masculine!

Sexiness and Respect:

Since men wearing boots are seldom to see, most people who see men wearing it gain attention and compliments. Just like with women, they have heels and so as men who has boots; same equivalent and both can give and can build confidence to the person wearing. Men became more attractive to pick boots as a get up because effort is much noticeable. Boots itself is an aura builder. Women love how they look on men because it’s stylish yet they are not flamboyant. Gay or Straight, whatever you are, if you wear boots, your looks is more sexier. Hands down to men for dressing better. Respect!

Check out these boots I spotted at Zalora.com.ph. These are the kind of boots men should look forward wearing. If you wish to buy your first pair of boots, don't give hesitation on yourself and shop now at Zalora Philippines and use voucher code: GemTadefa upon checking out to get discount. See image at the end of this post for more details.

While surfing online, I saw this image from Harrison Fjord Co. facebook page.  Its part of their “Harrison Fjord’s Guide to Fancy Footwear”. So without further ado: Real men wear boots, and so should you.

Check them on Facebook: Harrison Fjord Co.
Credit to Harrison Fjord Co.
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