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Another online shop I bumped into will be featured on this post. I miss featuring online store and I guess I just got the right time and right shop to discuss. This is actually my first feature for this month since I've been very busy doing personal stuff. Anyway, online shops have become store rats over the internet and the competition becomes tighter. It's either you follow the flow or push your innovation to have the edge from others; yet I guess DolcespressivoShoppe, our featured store has that as they let western goods invades the country to add flavor on our fashion taste which is a must to have item on our closet. Time to add spice on our wardrobe.

Let's have a store review and what the shop has to offer for us.

The Store:

DolcespressivoShoppe is Italian for sweet and expressive. Beat a retreat from the typical and unleash an expressive side with impressive flag designed clothing and stand out accessories.

Home of the hand-painted flag shorts. Every detail is made with love designed by Dolcespressivo and made for DolcespressivoShoppe. While every color is bursting at its finest quality paints. Originally a place for myriad clothing of pre-loved items essential for every girl's closet, which still awaits here. After all, we define chic, sweet, and expressive.


DolcespressivoShoppe started its humble beginning in the year 2009. The FIRST product sold was a single piece of The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain. Due to insistent demand for cheaper priced TBS L&CS, the two sisters have ventured into selling more The Body Shop items like make-up from their rarely used stash and brand new and sealed Lip and Cheek Stains. Then the rest became history, they have sold branded clothes from their personal collection like Zara, Mango, Topshop, Miley Cyrus-Max Azria, Bayo, Kamiseta, F&H, H&M, The Body Shop. Just to name a few (Product Archive). In the 1st-2nd quarter of the year 2011, they sold cheap combos of authentic Bath and Body Works Pocketbac hand sanitizers and holders. For the year 2012, they aim to bring ready to wear clothing for the young, hip, and energetic young women and the young-at-hearts too. :) 

Product Overview:

We are an online-based shop for RTW clothing with brand new flag inspired tops in a different variety of cuts and prints, Peter Pan Collared tops, jumpsuits, corsets and pre-♥ed/BNWTs branded clothing from Zara, Topshop, Mango, Bayo, Kamiseta, Bayo, and countless more items!


Flag-inspired clothing, especially hand-painted shorts and stand out accessories. Myriad of branded clothing ranging from Zara to Topshop to Mango to Dorothy Perkins to Bayo to H&M to Forever21 to every retail giant.

Something Personal:

To tell you more about the owners of this shop, they are sisters with a 3 year gap. The older one is a Registered Nurse, definitely a 1-take board passer who graduated from Dr. Carlos Lanting College. While the younger one is currently taking up BS Pharmacy in UST and is a currently an incoming 3rd year student. They are hoping for your utmost consideration as they are busy with work/volunteer obligations and studies and internships when it comes to quick responses to your queries most especially on weekdays and busy months (prelims, finals, and the like). :)

Real Passion for Fashion:

The younger sister is actually the one who is a self-confessed "shopaholic" in the amaaazing stores of Forever 21 (favorite), Bayo, Zara, Topshop, Kamiseta, and all the other brands you see here + online shopping! While the older sister is the control freak/money-watcher/debit card-watcher/the-one-who-says-looks-good-on-you-or-not of her younger sister but then she also tends to shop and splurge while "window shopping" with her. Fashion is contagious! So with this little online shop, we hope to serve you well and let you get a peek from our favorite items from our closet that are ready for adoption by you, future customers.

For more details you can visit their online store and do shop. shop. shop! Keep yourself on this page 'cause I'll be giving a review on their collection plus a chance to wear it.

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