Editing by Random

8:06 AM
Just this morning, I randomly edit logos for my blog. I actually don't have that much knowledge on this and the "To Do's" stuff in editing logos. I just read some dummy post online on how to create one yet I made 5. LOL

This first image will be my Facebook Page Primary photo before the year ends. Bear with me 'cause I really don't know how to do this. haha

Now here, I want you to help me to decide which is best among these 4 designs would be my/our official badge. One of these designs will be printed out and even made into a real pin badge soon. Any votes to which is which?

Sunny PF

Mustache U!

 Baby Bunny


Which one you like most and why you picked that design? Chosen design will be given to people who voted for it.

If you know how to create a blog logo or badge, feel free to send your design to iheartrejrtadefa@yahoo.com with email subject "Pinned Me!" You design must contain blog name and blog domain; any design will do. If ever I like you design and will officially use it for my blog, i'll you give you something in return.
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