Gibi Shoes early Christmas GIFT!

10:28 PM
I'm actually not a fan but after trying to wear one, I'm starting to gear up more often using my boots which makes me more dominating and head turner. I'm  loving it and can't even thinking of putting it off on my feet after I showed off and nailed every scene. It don't just add and carry my looks but also spice up my confidence and drives me to kick off the runway. I called it a runway since I'm with my designer and event organizer friends.

I still can't explain how overwhelming it was after receiving this early Christmas gift from Gibi Shoes. I'm still enjoying the bliss. Anyway, recently I blogged about how awesome it was if one person wear boots; well if you're not, then you should. For more details about the review, do click here: Z Spotting; Real Men wear Boots

Do catch up soon my official post for this new kick I have 'cause I'll be wearing it on this blog Anniversary party. So, this is just a sneak peak. Here's the complete package with 3 note pads and a love letter.

Visit the nearest Gibi Shoes store in your area or for more details catch them up online:

Twitter: @gibishoes 

Thank you so much for the items I wore; they all are actually gifts for me.
Polo Shift & Pants - PENSHOPPE
Accessories - POPJUNKLOVE
Boots - Gibi Shoes

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