Just Frollic just Launched online!

Just Frollic; official reseller of Frollic Take Away Gear.

These are not just a frolicking shoes to use yet another take away gear which helps you be on-the-go anytime. I honestly don't have much knowledge on these shoes but as far as I observe, its a fully roll-able shoes; originally conceived as after-party shoes to relieve stiletto-sore feet. It's lightweight, and super comfy at the same time. Plus, that basic ballet flats design would just too lovely to resist! So girl; so gay-ish for me but I'm excited to have my own pair courtesy of Just Frollic. Thanking them now in advance. hehe LOL 

Frolic shoes has since evolved into a lifestyle brand known for function, comfort, style, quality and great value. Currently it has a great range of footwear products that can cater to specific needs of women on the go.


  • Its affordable: as low as P380
  • Its portable: dubbed as the ultimate "emergency shoes" it's lightweight; rolls, flexes, flattens and fits in your bag
  • Its stylish: its a perfect complement to your classy ensemble when you feel like going on a stilletto break.
  • Its comfortable: it feels like you're walking on foot and you wont feel it biting through your skin after hours of walking

Shoe price ranges from P380 to P450. They use US Sizing for the shoes and available in size 4.5 to 11 (limited stocks for size 11). Each purchase you made includes the following:

  • 1 pair fROLLIC Take Away Gear
  • 1 small mesh pouch
  • 1 big shoe bag

There are variety of materials used for the shoes - from synthetic leather, canvass, man made animal skin & suede. To add touch, some have ribbons on it, to get that ballerina effect. They also have non-slip soles. It’s  best used as spare shoes, in doors, while travelling, commuting, while shopping, driving, after clubbing. Use sparingly out doors, especially on uneven and rough terrains.

Watch this video to know how to frollic.

Frollic shoes comes in different variety and designs.

To see more of their collections and know more about them; just visit their page.
Click here: Just Frollic
Just Frollic is a sister company of Jules Store. visit their facebook page now.
Click here: Jules Store

Pages Flipper officially welcome them aboard!

Keep Frolicking!

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