Mantra of Life; the lesson learned

8:01 PM
"There is a good reason for people to have two ears and only one mouth."

I don't know if this is a good post but I would just like to share how these words moved me in a way. Last night I had a tete a tete with a friend who's indeed very expert on his field and somehow a person I look up to and respect. He gave me words of encouragement and advises to improve my personality not just to be a better person but to a better individual. So, I won't go further on that details but rather on one important thing. To sum it all up I learned a lot and one thing he shared to me.

Gem, always remember this mantra:
"Think, Speak and Act with Sophistication"
say it every hour

I honestly don't get it but trying to learn what this mantra all about. I actually repeat it every hour and little by little understand its true meaning. So, this post is meant how I understand it. But if ever I have a wrong understanding please bear with me and instead want to hear words from you.

I'm that type of person often regretting what I say, so before you say something, ask yourself if what you are about to say is necessary, true, and kind—and will it improve the silence. And before you act, ask yourself if your actions will improve or hurt the situation. I consider myself as a person who think to fast in terms of actual conversation and if someone bully me, I can easily redeem yet somehow ended up messing myself for being tactless and insensitive. Now, I'm learning how to listen, to be patience and think of the things before opening my mouth.

There is still a time or realization as if you're just alone thinking things, you'll find out that you can do nothing because the action and the words are this world things that can't be recalled; learning from what happened and moving on is the only thing you can do. Move on knowing that if you continue to speak and act without thinking you will severely limit your self from anything.

Another thing, I have this problem of having a high comfort zone which makes me believe that I can say anything to those with whom I am closest. But I just realize it's not good 'cause I shouldn't hurt the people I love. So, next time it will be fewer amounts of words especially when arguing with them. Less talk; better!

Thinking and speaking is indeed connected to action but how can someone be sophisticated while you're compacting yourself with the idea of thinking the things you want to speak and act. There are many ways to act sophisticated. Sophisticated people are similar to classy people, although money means less in sophistication. You will find that people will think of you as intelligent and mature. If it doesn't come to you naturally just like me then let's connect the thread. Being sophisticated, looking good is not a must but rather you have to be pleasing, well groomed and always presenting yourself with your best before appearing to the public or even just to your family and friends. Never be tired-looking and don't slouch; if you stand, then stand straight. Make sure you know how to control yourself to the public, be organized on everything, respect yourself, have manners and above all be confident but not arrogant.

  • I will run the thoughts through my head quickly before letting them emerge from my mouth.
  • Will now ensure how to address my words so it won't hear like too offensive or too personal
  • If nothing good to say then better to zip my mouth... I'll try! haha
  • Will say sorry if ever I speak or say bad things again.
  • Observe conversation, people and myself before formulating a response
  • I will try to be thoughtful on my tone.

Thinking before you act or speak is important. Very thankful to Rain for the advice. The person with me in the photo below is Rain, a guy who knows anything under the sun, even the hardest beauty contest questions in the world are just a piece of cake.

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