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In case to people who don't know it, It is my blog anniversary today and it's actually my first blogoversary; I, myself can't believe how the time flew and I guess that's what happens when you're having fun. I am in a state of reflection over my journey to this point. I mean, it wasn't just an ordinary journey but rather an adventure as a neophyte over the year. I even don't know what or how to start this message but I guess this is more on saying thanks to people who's been with me helping with my blog but let me start it by confessing you all that blogging was never my style. I even take of a consideration that if ever I made one, would someone care what I think or do waste his/her time reading my posts.

Beyond the bluster of sharing my posts, I am moved by all of the people who I have connected with  via this blog and other social media. I have learned so much and been made to feel sane in knowing that I am not alone in the everyday struggles we face as everyday people. There have been some hecklers along the way, but I appreciate them too, because they challenge me, my thinking and hold me accountable for what I am saying.

I'm still flying and enjoying my stay on the cloud 9 celebrating my 1st Anniversary. Pages Flipper is just out of nowhere and I even don't know where it came from. I started this as a personal blog and still, since that's the most convenient category for me and one of the reason was I can simply play with other topics like tech, fashion or even show business. Blogging for me is something; little by little from past time, to hobby to passion and I must say this made me more productive on my daily living and somehow inspire people (according to my readers. LOL).
Pages Flipper is not just about posting but also giving away blessings God poured me and I guess that's the best part in giving back the favor through GIVEAWAYs. More or less 90 winners on my blog giveaways, roughly 15 winners on my Facebook page contests that received awesome prizes from me and my lovely blog sponsors but apart from giving away stuff on my blog or fb page as a contest; I do giveaway also to the people around whom I consider friends since my family is given to be on top of my list. I'm not sure but I think I already gave something to 25 different people and they know who they are. 10 co-bloggers who received free 1 year domain subscription. All mentioned are still counting since I still have a lot of stuff to give away.

Pages Flipper is not just about blogging and having giveaway online but also will be collaborating with Pinoy Watcher for their advocacy to help people in need in the province of Quezon. So this Christmas, it will be a gift giving to them and we're looking forward for the success of this event.

I couldn't have achieved this without your support. Thank you for everything.

To Sir Avel for being such an inspiration to me and a mentor. I always look up to you and I know I causes  headaches because of my flaws and imperfection but I still look forward to cope up your trust and prove that I can do it. To my co-Sox bloggers whom I met online and personal; you all are awesome. Nosebleed. To all my online friends who's been there with me through thick and thin and actually they are all my number 1 supporters from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao: Abby, Regine, Kent, Kelvin, Glaiza, Brian, Dennis, Christine and Yukii. To my real friends, you guys know who you are but would like to mention some; Jigs thanks for keeping me strong and for being there always, I can easily count on you. When I need something for my blog, you never nodded with rejection. To Jules for his unending sweet moral support plus his famous line "Kaya nimo na Gem!" (sipsip para dili awayon.). To Rhynchyll for being my virtual girlfriend and Pages Flipper proof reader (pag may time lang sya.). To dearest Rhyndyll, her constructive criticism that really helps me a lot to do better the next time. To Rain... hahaha you know how much I love you as a mentor and a friend. Your wit challenge me to know more anything under the sun. To Addie, Thirdy, Arben, Dhang, Alora; thanks for the greetings.You all above have always been kind and generous to me. The thanks come from the bottom of my heart.

Aside from giving thanks to the people I loved, of course I will not forget the people online, brands and online shops who trusted me to do reviews to their products and even collaborated with me. Will also give special thank to you all for sending free stuff for me. (more pa... more pa! hehe just kidding) To Ms. Geelyn of Mikayla's Boutique, Lil Wenjie of Firmoo, Kristyl of Thrifty Thread, Sir Mark of Manels, Punk X Pretty, Qwezer Clothing, Chocolate Fire, Jules of Jules Store and Just Frollic, Francis of Fofo LifeStyle, Bungay sisters of Dolcespressivoshoppe, Sir Ariel of Romwe Fashion, Catsuit Latex and Gibi Shoes. Thank you to Zalora Philippines for trusting me as one of their Brand Ambassador. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for you. Thank you all for your love and support!

To others I haven't mention, a big hug and lots of thanks.

This year has been a transformation in ways I couldn't have imagined. I saw what worked and what didn't and received many blessings along the way. God is great indeed for having this very great opportunity He gave and I couldn't ask for more on my blog since I'm getting there to wear I belong and I guess you know that I'm talking about the Top.

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Starting tomorrow please do help me to gear up and do the countdown for my 2nd Blog Anniversary.
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