Ray-Ban is Legend

I somehow wonder why people do wear sunglasses but I like the idea on how these glasses adds the mystery and the element of intrigue to the person wearing. It has a lot of benefits on wearing eyeglasses apart from making you look good and fashionable and by just wearing it, in a way it will define your personality and reflects your mood too. As what I've said sunglasses has a lot of benefits like they soothe the eyes. They protect your eyes from the excessive harmful and bright light, which can cause damage.  They keep the dust, wind and debris out of your eyes. Sunglasses reduce eyestrain and headaches. So, sunglasses is a tool not just for fashion but also for our own good in our own living. Sunglasses came a long way now and it become a legend to everyone not just around the country but around globe; literally.

Ray-Ban is not just setting a standard for providing good quality eye-wear but they are also known for having the best glasses in the world since 1937; that makes them a legend to all their costumers. Actually reaching such milestone makes them an icon from others. Like my idol who became an icon and an inspiration to others; Michael Jackson.

[Photo credit to the owner]

MJ was rarely seen in public without his aviator or wayfarer sunglasses from Ray-Ban. In fact, Ray Ban Sunglasses has been MICHAEL JACKSON’s TRADEMARK along with the Fedora Hat, single sequined white glove, tight and military-style jacket over the years. I guess MJ is a perfect epitome of a legendary Ray -Ban user. Later on, MJ constantly wore the sunglasses as part of his overall look and style.

For me personally, MJ become an inspiration because he has a great sense of style like when every time he wear his sunglasses from Ray-Ban plus the fact that he's very vulnerable though he has a lot imperfection but knowing him I haven't heard any saying he's unkind. His passion to music also become an inspiration to people like me as he gave his own words and heart to every words of every beat.

By just simply being on the side that loves and idolize Michael Jackson and also patronizing Ray-Ban, I guess I'm not far of being part of this legendary milestone. Just like MJ and Ray-Ban, I become a legend on my own because I have done something that contributes so much in the lives of others that also affect their culture, beliefs, and all. In a way, I also consider myself as an inspiration to my peers for promoting my personal advocacy of helping the kids in need in different orphanages in our locality.

There are lots of people I consider my inspiration because of the achievements they made on their field. Ray-Ban is not just a brand but the breakthrough indeed marked the world. Just simply like this; a blogger named David Guison inspires me to write this article but apart from being a typical inspiration, he is also my aspiration.
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