San Mig Coffee Super Packs

8:15 PM
First thing first why people love coffee is the taste and the effects of caffeine associated with it. I guess this is the reason why people are having an addiction on coffees they're sipping. It keeps your daily energy plus it's very alluring aroma. Coffee does increase the blood circulation to our brain which reduces mental fatigue.

Recently, San Mig Super Coffeemix Co. Inc. set out to launch San Mig Coffee Super Packs. Despite to her numerous taping and hectic schedule, Anne Curtis is one of the biggest star in show business today. This is the reason why San Mig Coffee chose her to be the role model to people and apart from that, she is an accomplished actress with a good lifestyle.

San Mig Coffee Super Packs, its newest line of coffee mixes targeted at super busy individuals just like the brand Ambassador, Anne Curtis. San Mig Coffee Super Packs contain energy-releasing B vitamins such as B1, B2 and B6 that give unmatched and sustained stimulation for coffee drinkers.

The San Mig Coffee Super Packs come in four variants:

  • San Mig Coffee Super (20g) - a strong coffee mix with a bold, full-bodied taste
  • San Mig Coffee Brown (25g) - rich coffee taste with the distinct sweetness of brown sugar
  • San Mig Coffee White (28g) - creamy, smooth taste
  • San Mig Coffee Chococino (25g) - sweet, and with a good balance between coffee and cocoa.

For more details and updates please visit their Official Facebook Page: San Mig Coffee - Official

Here's the actual photo of my gift pack and the experience of drinking the best coffee in town. I received all variants of San Mig Coffee Super packs and a coffee mug.

Sipping my first taste of San Mig Coffee is quite awesome since I'm not use to of drinking coffee yet little by little I slowly in touch myself to its taste and even to its alluring aroma. No doubt why San Mig Coffee got a long way now in producing the best coffee in the country. I'm very much thankful of getting the chance to first taste their new variants or flavors.

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