Just arrived!

8:36 PM
Today is my best day of the month after receiving these cool items from my lovely partners online. These actually are the stuff listed on my wish list and looking forward to own but now it's on hand and still can't believe. This day filled me so much with bliss and a heartwarming feeling. I never thought it would be this awesome kind of a day since I was not expecting these items to arrived; actually I'm expecting the wallet only.

Anyway, this is just a quick post since I am rushing for something important though I'm still not feeling well. Here's the description of photos posted below in order.

1. A notebook from Tripadora.com. I'm so thankful after receiving this very awesome notebook with Abaca cloth cover called Hinabol; it is a term used by Higaonon women from Bukidnon especially when it is hand-woven. Made using abaca threads, this cloth is traditionally used as peace offering during inter tribal war and special gift during weddings.

2. Blue-and-white porcelain pen and bookmark suit from LookChem. With fine workmanship and elegant appearance, this dedicated suit aims to convey a strong Chinese cultural connotation to you.

3. A pair of boots from Gibi Shoes. I'll be wearing these new kicks on Thursday for the event I'll be guesting. I'm happy that out of nowhere they DM me to send free shoes as an advance Christmas Gift. I'll reveal and post the pic of the shoes on the next days.

4. FS4 red and black wallet from Jules Store. Fit to your pockets and sling bags. Would fit 3 cards, paper money bills and has a coin purse inside.

That's all. Hope you love it as much as I do. I still have a long list for this Christmas; that's why I'm praying that all on my wishlist will happen or come true. I will end this post by greeting you all an advance Merry Christmas! God bless us all. ♥

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