Do you ever get bored when blogging?

11:00 AM
"Blogging is like a marriage – it takes time, dedication, patience and perseverance,
and if you try something new you can rekindle the fire which you first felt,
with no problems at all!"

While enjoying on twitter, a thought bumped into my mind and never give a second on asking my favorite bloggers if they feel the same thing too. Do bloggers really get bored when blogging? For me? Not really. Whenever I don't feel like blogging I take a little break and perhaps just take the time to get inspired again. For times like those I really like to have a couple of posts prepared in advance. Blogging is tough and if you don't have any passion you will end up being a blogger who failed blogging.

This is what I do. Taking picture of myself while playing crazy thoughts in my mind before I blog or if I am thinking what to blog. I also play my fave music or chat with my friends so at least little by little my brain is working.


Blogging is not really easy and it requires a lot of efforts, hard work, focus and patience to be become a successful blogger so as to be able to stand out over the crowded blogosphere. In short, I never really get bored when creating. It's too much fun to write something new; instead I get bored when I'm not blogging. I can't explain but my happiness is overflowing after my blog post being published and read.
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