Fashion Tips for Chubby Guys!

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Don't bother to listen to the world scream, they're all sounds the same. Whether you're overweight or too thin, do you know how to dress for your body type? Fashion is not just for good looking lads and gals or even to people who has a good body shape but to all. Fashion is for everyone. I can honestly admit that chubby men are indeed my weakness, I badly don't know why but I find them awesome and hot. Well anyway too much on that but I guess let's start picking up clothes from your wardrobe so we can do some touch on chubby men just to make them look thin and sexy.

Hotness on guys are built in, all you have to do is to have the guts to show it off to people around you. Being handsome comes in all shapes and forms though not all are naturally built physiques. Here are some tips that can bear in mind.

Opposite Kills You

Choose the clothes that fit your body comfortably; not too tight. Chubby men always think of wearing small sizes clothes makes them look thinner yet they just nailed themselves to look even bigger because wearing too tight clothes will reveal all the lumps and bumps instead opt for the right fit or something a little loose, by this you can help yourself hide your problems. 

Flesh Illusion

When opting for casual wear, choose v-neck sweaters. A V-neck presents the illusion of a smaller neckline and is all around flattering. V-neck sweaters will expose your neck and thin features, placed to emphasis on your chest area instead of on your neck.

Tricky Outfitey

Dress to suit the occasion. Don't just simply draws attention to yourselves  Instead, bring out short sleeves in the summer and don't be afraid of shorts. Solid colors are most flattering. Try for a three button blazer. Although not as common or popular, it's especially flattering for the larger man. Choose vertical striped shirts for a more flattering look. Horizontal stripes should be avoided. Wear longer hems when possible. This will elongate your body, giving you a more flattering look. You will look taller and thinner.

"I'm not chubby, I'm just easy to see"
Inside every fat man there is a thin man trying to get out.

The best way to look great in the long-term when you’re overweight is to lose excess weight with the help of a proper diet and exercise program. Once you start dropping pounds, your clothes will fit better and your confidence will increase along with your motivation to try new fashions and styles. Whatever your body type is, play up your best features and de-emphasize those you don’t love quite as much.

Credt: MadeMan and AskMen
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