Macho Mucho: Ang Salon ng mga Macho.

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A great haircut is key to any man's carefully crafted style—but finding the right chop shop isn't just about striped poles and antiseptic combs.

I'm this type of guy who has a big concern on my hair yet don't have that much time or making an effort to address what my concern is; the very reason why I always ended up having an on-the-go style. This attitude is somehow good but little by little I ended up realizing that it's not just it. It should be like this and that.

For the past few months, I’ve been having my haircut at various barber shops. For most of my life, I went to unisex salons that reeked of perm chemicals and mousse. Every time I’d go, I’d walk away with a bad haircut. On top of that, I always felt out of place. Most of the clients were usually women and a woman was cutting my hair. I’d just go in, sit there silently while the person cut my hair, and leave. But when a full load of schedules strikes, I do request home service to keep away from hassle and less time will be spent.

Just recently a friend of mine introduce me Macho Mucho, at first I really don't like going but after trying, I'm starting to love them. I also got the chance to get acquainted to the owner --Mr. Ralph.

"Macho Mucho is committed to become the ultimate Men's Upgrade Zone in the country. Our topmost priority is GREAT SERVICE. More than a great haircut, we also do hair treatments, grooming, spa and massage catered to serve the lifestyle of the men today. With thousands already served, we're now becoming the growing popular salon for men in the city. In the next years, the Philippines." -Macho Mucho

Macho Mucho was founded last 2010 and originally located at Sun City Suites, but now they're located at the 3rd level of SM City-General Santos. Though they are more on Men's matter... they are upgrading their services to address the needs of women as well. They actually have something awesome service for women.

Here are some Macho Mucho's services they can offer for you.

Don't let the small shop fool you; you will get a great cut! Macho Mucho is a superb barber shop, will take the time with you and make sure you get what you want.

Manicure and Pedicure with super relaxing foot spa.
I think the person doing the stuff is Glaiza
if not mistaken. She's really good.
Kuya Alex and I having a fun conversation
while his busy doing a massage on me
after cutting off and styling my hair.

Been to Macho Mucho for 3 times and I am enjoying the makeover they do to me. On my first visit, I just had a simple haircut just to try their service... it was good then and I'm satisfied. On my 2nd visit, they really gave me the best service that I badly want. From haircut to body massage. The styling was good. Fantabulous. On my 3rd visit, feels like home. Hope to visit again and do the last touch for my self this 2012.

Now there's been this kind of men's salon that can do much more than the traditional barbershop ever did.

Looking for a gift this season that is affordable yet rewarding? Look no more! Macho Mucho's Gift Certificates bundled with a great haircut, shampoo, hot towel and massage is all for only P120. Great for male relatives, colleagues and friends!

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