Fashion Accessories for Men

11:21 PM
"Style is personal, individual and a reflection of which you are,
style is confidence, style is arrogance, and style is instinct."

Buying jewelry is one of the most difficult subjects when it comes to men’s styling. The problem with accessorizing is the idea that rings, chains, and bracelets are designed and worn by women and women alone. The best way to reboot your existing wardrobe is to accessorize. OK, so maybe the thought of wearing accessories sounds girlie for some, but back in the golden age of men’s fashion and long before minimalism took hold, men knew that the fashion accessories they wore added a dash of personal style to their look. This is an opinion that’s slowly changing with the times, and we’re beginning to discover, more and more, that men are capable of wearing more than just an ordinary ring. We are now in a new world.

This the season for Christmas parties, and that means that you’ll probably want to give some thought to your holiday wardrobe. Of course, a number of parties that take place during this season have their own themes, such as what we had on our Sox Blogger "Statement Shirts" party. However, for more formal events, this is a time to show off your fashion sense and really look your best. Whether you’re having an annual holiday dinner out with friends and families or attending an office Christmas party, there will be various opportunities to show off your style. You may just wear them to play up the outfit you are wearing. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for details and finishing touches that can set you apart at parties and formal events.


They should be adapted to your face. Don’t choose oversized sunglasses such as Aviator or Navigator sunglasses if you have a small face. Also avoid sunglasses with rectangle glasses and that have no frames, as they are outdated. Avoid brands with big letters, as it is the same as D&G belts with huge circles.


Prefer original circles, choose a color or tone that fits well with your pants and choose quality leather. A belt should shine and be slightly noticed between the thread.


It is difficult to associate, but hats are a trendy accessory and better than caps when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.

Bracelets, rings, necklaces…:

We can mention everything depending on your tastes. Note that when you wear too many accessories, some people will not like you. A necklace will give a sexed up appearance to your outfit, but a bear neck can also value your neck.

Don't just wear them, know first why you are going to wear them; it should be the function before the style. It's a big no, no if you just wear the accessories because you like it, which might end up ruining your outfit, so you better know how to style yourself. You should know everything about how to have quality looks, and you should have no excuses for not being dressed. Set up good bases, and then, don’t forget to have a point that makes you distinct from everyone else.
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