Things to do this Rainy Christmas Season

9:30 AM
There may be no good cheer on Christmas for us in the Philippines so far since the Tropical Storm storm Pablo just arrive but yet we are Filipino who let nothing to ruin our spirit to celebrate Christmas; so whatever happens, rain or shine we will be still having a merry Christmas this 2012. Though it may affect some traditions we  do yet we are still on track. It may just another Christmas but very much less quiet because we didn't get to hear carols but instead pouring rains on the rooftop.

When rain brings your spirits down and the wet conditions of he street force you to stay indoors, nothing to worry 'cause there are a lot of things to do like you will richly decorated your home some Christmas stuff and you can also plan fun and creative activities for the family just for those rainy days. So, don't fret yourself on the corner making some dramas in life because its raining.

Here are some ideas you can do while inside the house and enjoy Christmas still with of course your beloved family.

1. Watch Christmas movies with your family as long as you have power. Don't forget to pop some popcorn to go along with your Christmas movie marathon. You can prepare drinks as well.

2. Craft-making is a wonderful rainy day holiday activity. This is in lieu on our Christmas gift ideas which is purely handmade and personalized; at least you have the time now to create gifts for your love ones. If you don't have craft materials, do invent or recycled items.

3. When you already forgot how to lift up your Christmas spirit then better to listen to holiday music on rainy days; or even better sing Christmas or other songs together.

4. Bake some cookies, or make other special treats, with your family on rainy days. You're all inside anyway so use the time wisely and have some fun baking special treats.

5. Play board games, play card games, or put together jigsaw puzzles. Most children love to play games with their family, and a rainy day is a perfect excuse to be inside playing games.

6. Camping in the great indoors. Tents aren't just made to pitched outside, its more fun and even easier to set up camp indoors. Create tents by draping sheets over the sofa or the nearest clothes horse if you have no tents at home.

But if you're like me, I do cross-stitch on a rainy days or write poems on my notepad though publishing my articles is not the best move for me; another thing, I love writing on my diary; rain helps me to relax my body and brain and think widely. So what's your zone on doing things this Christmas while enjoying rainy season also?

These are just some of the ideas or things you can while not worrying the rain we have outside. Christmas or not rain wont stop us for doing great things and for this yuletide season rain just help us to bond closer to our family like we often use to before. S, thank rain. But lastly, I would rather enjoy rain, take a walk outside and splash the fun. I will explore the rain and let people see the magic of a Christmas rainy days.

Credit to Yahoo & Tierra
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