Sun Cellular; A Good Choice!

8:54 PM

The most beautiful gift this Christmas is our presence to our loved ones. But how can you make it possible if you're literally far afar from them? For us Filipino, Christmas won't be the same if you're not with your family at home because one of the things we most fear is to be alone on this once in a year celebration.

We increasingly using technology to keep in touch with friends and relatives living across the globe, with a quarter of households whose other members of the family are in the other place planning to make video or voice calls this Christmas. With this modern technology means that people’s nearest and dearest can easily be summoned virtually for the celebrations though email and text messaging are also favored methods of communication during the festive period.

I've been a Sun Cellular subscriber for over 5 years yet my new number now is quite new and just few months old. I can't say that I am actually an avid user since Smart is my first sim (my mom bought it for me). The toil reason why I picked Sun Cellular is just because of their cheapest rate on sms, calls and other services they stored for us. In lieu to that we can text and call without worrying about enormous mobile phone charges. This post is meant not to praise them but rather commend them on the service I experienced during this yuletide season.

Sun is very convenient during calls yet you have to maximize your usage so you won't end up wasting your load specially if you're on 24/7 call and text promo. But over all I loved it and it definitely serves its purpose.

Reason why I am a Sun Cellular Subscriber:
  • it’s cheap!
  • it’s unlimited!
  • it’s signal!

Another thing, their Free Facebook makes me awesome. They came up with its Facebook Mobile version via WAP, and it’s FREE. The country’s first mobile operator to offer unlimited SMS and calls just hit the market again by offering this value-added service to their subscribers. Being a blogger, this service makes me always on-the-go.

I have been calling my friends to greet them a merry Merry Christmas using my Sun sim, their signal were so epic and I experienced no drop calls. They received my text message in an instant; hear my voice as clear as they are just near me. I got no worries now if my dear ones are far from me 'cause they're just a call away. I wonder what if I have a blackberry, it would be more fantabulous using Sun Cellular as what I think it is.


I never give a doubt of choosing Sun Cellular that's why I don't have regrets now. So far so good. The best and best choice!
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