My 2013 Resolutions!

9:12 PM
At this time of year, I always start to think about the things that I hope to do during the next 12 months. New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. The time we step and welcome the brand new year, we traditionally listed our New Year resolutions.

Though, we always need an extra push to meet these goals. So here I listed mine:

1. Spending more quality time with my family and friends. 2012 was so good to me as it gives me a daily productive living that I often failed to bond more with my family and friends. So, this could be a perfect time to manage everything and do time management so I wont end up again being a busy ship.

2. Go fit in fitness myself for a healthier lifestyle. Lately I've been gearing for something sporty yet I was thinking of just focusing to one sport but my back brain echoing of just doing a daily early morning judging. I find this routine boring but will try if this will going to work for me. Waking up as early as 4am is horror. LOL

3. To drink moderately; literally. Is it because of the holiday season that why I always go back home drunk and totally influenced by alcohol or just a typical lifestyle? Time to change this attitude; time to be more liver healthy. Will by at least once a week. You can't take off that on me in an instant.

4. Stepping to a happier me by enjoying life even more. I'm too focus on the things happening in my life, with the fast phasing that I forget to enjoy the moment. I will no longer say just be it but instead will enjoy it and taste the sweetness of happiness.

5. Opening my mind to a bigger world of learning. Being a close minded person no more. Will open to a bigger world were knowledge is just around the corner. Sharp and keen is all what I wanted.

6. To continue my advocacy in helping the kids in need. We started this 2 years ago and I guess this is what I enjoy doing. I honestly admit that I can feel tiresome at times but seeing the smiles on the kids faces ease me.

7. Get organized is I think my very reasonable goal. My mom never fails to scold me when talking about my messy stuff. I sometimes failed to clean up the packages I got from online and blog sponsors. Shoes are just on the floor. My room defines a perfect messy room. LOL Will start cleaning and get organize.

8. Be more patient. I tend to lost control of my self to the unwanted things I see and literally pissed off if it is not pleasing on my eyes. That's how bad I am.

9. More mature decision making. Will think first before uttering a word. Grind everything before giving a conclusion on what to do so I won’t end up no more regretting my decisions.

10. But above all, my main goal is to write my own book though it somehow sounds too ambitious yet I guess with the help of my friends, family and my special someone; impossible is possible.

Whatever our resolutions are, enjoy life and just be it. Let our 2013 starts now!

So, I'll end this post by asking you a question. What is/are your New Year resolutions? -and how are you going to motivate yourself to achieve these goals? Feel free to share to us by commenting below.
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