Qwezer Clothing: My Clockwork Yoga shirt

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Experience comfort with style of different abstract arts and logical designs as Qwezer invades the industry of art shirts. Providing comforts on shirts to creative outlook designs. You’ll enjoy the breathable cotton cloth of the shirts plus with its head turner appearance. Its accent and style proves that keen innovative minds are behind Qwezer.

The shirts wise and the arts on it help to keep you cool while you’re on-the-go. The natural touch of the fabric doesn’t tell any story but the touch of creative arts painted tells a tale of passion.

Knowing more about Qwezer:

Their Story

It's the same tale as everybody else. Just some extraordinary characters involved. Hobbies turned into something worth sharing.

We're ordinary people having out-of-this-world ideas. We started from the quote "design your own universe" which turned out to be kind of hard at the moment, so we turned to "expression through design for the love art!" And here we are, sharing the love through printed tees, wanting to put a smile on everyone's face. For the past months of starting this operation, I guess we're really enjoying this kind of stuff!

Their Products:

We're forming up our own brand of having fun and witty artworks printed on tees. We follow the idea of wearing the beauty of creativity. Our production process are as simple as follows:

  • our own artists and other friends create artworks that are full of fun and creativity
  • we choose what looks good on print and decide on the colours of the shirts (Hey, did you know all our shirts are made of 100% cotton? Now you do!)
  • we print those damn good designs in our facility using high grade textile paints, and then we use the silkscreen + heatpress for fine results
  • and finally, we release it to the market so everyone gets to have an ART SHIRT!

But that's not all

Did you know that Qwezer is environment-friendly too? We use WATER-BASED textile paints for printing our designs on shirts. That means no PVC or phthalate plastic compounds mixed in the print. We also use recyclable brown paper bag as packaging. Designing our universe also means taking care of it!

With the rampant competition in their field, Qwezer didn’t settle on less but serving what is best. AJA!

I, myself have my Qwezer shirt; A clockwork Yoga. Its simplicity and cool designs really fits my personality.

You can wear Qwezer anywhere and anytime. I wore mine during my business English Proficiency training.

Photo below was last May, during our trip with friends at Saranggani Province yet we end up joining their Foam Party, we never thought that there is kind of event in the area at that moment., so got no time to change outfit, since I’m wearing Qwezer, I myself already fit.

No need for you to worry ‘cause Qwezer offer something that’s on-the-go.

To know more about Qwezer you can check out their site and know the latest updates of their newest collections.


What are you waiting for? Grab your own Qwezer shirt now and be part of our circle of Qwezer friends.
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