It’s a new day to revel life and what’s far more significant in celebrating greatness is with your family. Despite being away from my real family, the team I have fills in the missing piece that keeps me whole all the time. Now, who am I to complain if the packed I got is as crazy as me. No dull moment, just pure mischievousness. Having said that, life indeed is colorful and full of bliss.

Just last June 11, 2016, my account orchestrated a Carnival theme family day at D’Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure tag as #VODAFUN. The event were filled with games stations, snacks lane, free drinks, carnival activities and other magical surprises. Photos of the said event below.

We, are indeed a one whole family.
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The Amazing EVOLUTION of SarBay Fest 2016

Guests from throughout the country converged on the white pristine sand of Gumasa in Sarangani Province on June 3-4 2016 in celebration of 11th Sarangani Bay Festival. Creating wonderful memories for 11 years now, Sarangani Bay Festival or SarBay Fest is yet the biggest beach party in the country leaving LaBoracay behind when it comes to number of party goers. Marking their recently celebrated 11th year, SarBay Fest 2016 gave it all with an amazing theme: “SarBay Fest 2016: EVOLUTION”.

[Photo credit to the owner]

This year’s SarBay Fest is my 10th time of joining the said event and I have witnessed how this celebration every year grows – from a simple bay party to a countrywide beach festival. It is indeed an evolution of diverse culture contemporarily incorporating modern realm. SarBay is no longer just an ordinary beach party and this is because of the dashing and dynamic team behind this annual festival. But what really impressed me most for this year’s celebration were as follows; the strong #iLoveCleanSarBay campaign, the security measures provided all over the premise and the additional beach activities, the program, premium local stores, great music and the amazing stage set-up.

[Photo credit from SarBay page]
In partnership with the leading Telecommunication network in the country, SMART promotes a great initiative – the #iLoveCleanSarBay campaign. Smart has been a good partner of SarBay Festival for over years already and with its sole purpose to deliver and maintain the beauty of the magnificent seascape beaches of Gumasa, #ILoveCleanSarBay was born. The #ILoveCleanSarBay campaign addresses in maintaining the SarBay clean – a literal 0% trash. This is a good campaign which would encourage party goer to not just go get wet and wild, but partying by the beach responsibly.


SarBay Festival 2016 double up the precautionary measures to keep the party goers safe while enjoying the bash from sunset to sunrise. Police, PDEA and sniffing canines were just around the corners checking while other members of the security team were anonymously roaming around. This I believe a good move from the organizers to make sure that attendees will not going to worry about their safety. Not to mention the undeniable good looks of our policemen and the rest of the team. Haha!

[Photo from SarBay Page]
This year, the festival organizers provide more options for party goers on what they can do when in SarBay; with great choices of concessioners from local restos of Sarangani Province and the rest of Region 12 to stalls of well-known brands.  Activities in line were Banana boat, Jet Ski and SarBay cruise to name some. Program is packed with great entertainment and prices from sponsors; and for two nights – the bay was flooded with party mammals raving till dawn. EDM really rocks plus the fabulous stage up which is truly promising and something to be proud of; indeed an evolution for a better Philippines.

[Photo credit from SarBay page]

Truly, I really had a blast of this year’s event and my decade of SarBay-ing made more memorable because of the people I met and the experienced we all shared. C’mon, walang ganito sa Dabaw! haha
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Fonti Café: Organic and Halal

Well, for the record and for others to know. I am on a happy diet. I eat only things that make me happy. Just like food and food of any kind. Especially those that melts in my mouth, it's a major turn on for me! I am a “self-proclaimed” foodie, but despite of that, I have never learnt the art of cooking. I just want to explore places which offers some of the best cuisines of the world.

Moreover, why do you need to go far when you can have a taste of the world's scrumptious cuisines in just one small diverse city, General Santos. Be it Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish or American food, name it. We all got it here. And why do you have to go too far if our own local can nailed a delish Pinoy food. Meet Fonti Cafe - redefining luscious Halal and Organic cuisines.

I must say, some of the restaurants are simply great. By the look of the eateries, you won’t believe what magic unfolds inside. At Fonti Cafe, when you enter, you will be invited by the simplicity of its interiors and the waiters waiting to give you a comfortable seating arrangement. However, unlike any other restaurants, at Fonti Café, you have to be on the counter to order food. There’s a vast selection on the board menu with a price that is so affordable. Despite its cheap and competitive pricing, you can guarantee that the taste will not be compromised. Since it’s my first time at Fonti Café, I settled on ordering the Native Chicken Arozcaldo, Adobo Combo with Gata and Ube Shake.

When I started digging in to the meal served to me, you won’t believe what I experienced! The food was so spectacular; the Native Chicken Arozcaldo was so tasteful. For the price of P65, you will enjoy it eating till end. Nothing much on its looks, but there’s something distinct in its flavor that you will love to savor. Just like their Arozcaldo, my second meal is the Adobo combo with Gata and is superb as well; it has a good amount of rice, well cooked chicken, and the gata (coconut milk) gives an extra ordinary twist; although I thought at first that it was a curry dressing, but naaa. hehe. It lifted the flavor  of the meal to a higher level for just a price of P85. This one I highly recommend.

As I only have a limited time to visit Fonti, I haven’t try yet their bestselling Native Chicken Kare-Kare and Sinampalokang Manok. But nonetheless, the taste of the food still lingers in my mind, and I can’t wait to go back again to GenSan and taste everything at Fonti Café. Will update this blog post when I get the chance to try all.

Fonti Cafe is the restaurant which you must try out. You have to visit this place when in GenSan to experience a delectable REAL Organic and Halal Cuisines. The cuisines served in this place are locally produced, while the taste is very contemporary. Try out the food and experience the best!

Fonti Cafe is located at East Asia Royale Hotel Arcade, 9500 General Santos City.
You can visit their Face page: Fonti Cafe
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Have you ever thought of motivating yourself?


Wall of Life can help you with that! This application is specially developed for you! It contains a lot of Godly, Wisdom, Inspiring, Positive and Motivational Quotes. It is designed with a very simple yet powerful words and with simple fonts and solid background which makes it easier to read.

Wall of Life sets your wallpaper automatically with Random Godly, Wisdom words and Motivational Quotes!

It has a very simple interface. As simple as the quotes.

What's great about Wall of Life? It will remind you how life works every single day! It will fix your broken mindset, it will guide you to the right path by using powerful words!

Feeling so selfish? Not a problem! Wall of life also has a Share feature, which means you can even share your wallpaper's good words on your social medias! In that way you could even motivate your friends and remind them about God, or spread some words of wisdom! There's a great chance that you might lift your friend's head when their down.


So what are you waiting for? Download now and spread the good word!

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LiveFreePH: Davao's Financial Freedom Rally

The aim to become financially stable never stops from just getting a good job, but more as well on evaluating yourself on how you can achieve financial freedom. In line with this, last January 24 to 30, Davaoenos were treated to educational booths, exciting promos, and a free concert featuring Sun Life father-son ambassadors Piolo and Inigo Pascual as part of the “#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour” – a financial freedom rally.

Beginning the journey

A string of activities guided participants to begin their own #LiveFreePH journey. In a bold move, they declared their vision of financial freedom with the “Live Free Freedom Wall.” Then they looked at their current situation, shared their outlook about the future, and pledged support to a community in need through BLISS or “Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment.” And by joining the “Sun CeleBright” promo, they won free trips to their chosen destinations!

But what made the #LiveFreePH Tour brighter were the Sun Life advisors ready to help those who want to jumpstart their financial freedom journey. Some were so inspired that they chose to become financial advisors themselves.

Pursuing the mission

In front of a jubilant and captivated crowd, the “Freedom Celebration” concert headlined by Piolo and Inigo amplified the mission of financial independence for everyone. Aside from belting his signature hits, Piolo serenaded the winners of the hugely popular “Selfie with Papa P” - where longtime fans get to meet their idol and take home a photo souvenir. Inigo also showed off his dance moves and energized the night with today's popular hits.

We want Filipinos to believe that a brighter future is possible. We want them to be inspired to take on their own path towards financial freedom. And that they can start this meaningful journey with the help of our financial advisors,” said Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa. The #LiveFreePH Freedom Tour kicked off last year with stops in Pampanga and Iloilo.

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