DIARY: A Day at EDEN Nature Park with Suzy

It was one beautiful Sunday morning when my friend, Suzy and I decided to have breakfast together at the nearest fast food chain from my flat. Actually, apart from really getting something to eat for breakfast, we went there to catch their Pokémon series toys when you order any of their kiddy meals. Haha Pokémon is life, you know.

Anyway, while we were enjoying our hearty poke breakfast, out of nowhere without really preparing, we decided to head over to Eden Nature Park. It’s an almost an hour away from where we were. This unplanned day tour is effin awesome. Like you're just having breakfast with a friend, then you two decided to go somewhere with no hesitation.

This time we opted to go Eden Nature Park. Because we're damn crazy, instead of availing the Shuttle Tour package to make our life easier, we decided to trek the whole park. Like seriously? Yes! Haha Here's our journey:

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Celebrate Pages Flipper's Five Fruitful Years

As I sit back and reflect on the years that have been, there are a couple of really great accomplishments I am proud of. The numbers and stats are improving and my lovely Pages Flipper readers are growing and have kept on showing me love.

Back in November 2011, Pages Flipper was born out of my attempts to make something more of my own personal online diary. I enjoyed writing about my errands, collecting stories and everyday wanderings. I even posted about my favorite books, movies and insights I wanted to share to everyone. Back then, I actually had no clear idea what blogging really is… all I was after was to write and have my own page… nothing more.

After a year, as I was starting to learn more about how these things work – I realized bit by bit that I can do more out of this portal I created, that I can make a big difference out of this small endeavor. So I started buying stuff and writing review about them, joined online blogging contests like Nuffnang and looked for possible online blogging community that I can be part of. Being a neophyte in this industry was a challenge.

Throwback! During was during the Philippine Transit App Challenge - GenSan Bootcamp

Subsequently, a strong 2 years in the industry shifted my focus to networking and expanding my social media presence. A little experiment with sponsored posts from within the same personal and lifestyle niche successfully secured my first attempt in building social engagement. Moreover, I wanted to make sure that if somebody did happen to land on my site, they would want to stick around and read through.

At this same stage, I have managed to get nominations and awards from different award giving body for blogs. I then successfully bagged a good number of winnings from Nuffnang, Gadget Magazine, Coca-Cola, Tatt Awards and a lot more.

On the same year, I also became one of the members of SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers (SOX Bloggers) who helped me to improve more on my blogging. The said community is a local group composed of bloggers of different niches all over South Central Mindanao sharing the same common goal of promoting the region to the rest of the country and to the world.  This group is headed by the dashing Avel Manansala of the www.gensantos.com.

SOX Bloggers with friends partners from PayMaya and Voyager

On the 3rd year, my followers and readers significantly grew across a range of different social media sites. I have developed the platform per se by getting my own domain and designing my own blog basing on how I want it to look like. In fact, I enrolled in a basic online course about HTML and understanding site traffic. Though traffic still fluctuates more than I want them to, but slowly it has become more consistent and stable.

On the same memory lane, I have engaged with brands like Manels, LoadMena, Gibi Shoes, Zalora Philippines, Penshoppe, DTC Mobile and Smart Communications, to name some. Also got the chance to work with online shops for product reviews. They even partnered with me many times in conducting giveaways in my blog, which is a huge hit to increase the scope of my readership.

The making of World's Most Expensive Coffee; trekked halfway up Mt. Matutum in celebration of Dolefil's Golden Anniversary

Later on, I started getting invites from local shops and restos for reviews, got invited to numerous exclusive events and launchings. Also got perks from brands I featured on my blog, I even got to enjoy sponsored tours and travels.

On my 4th year, I took a little step back from blogging after I relocated to Davao to work. However, it didn’t stop me from updating my blog from time to time in spite of my busy schedule and reversed time as a call center employee.

Right now, my transfer here in Davao opened a wider scope and even more learning possibilities on the blogging industry as I am now part of Davao’s biggest blogging community – Davao Bloggers Society

Davao Bloggers Society headed by Andrew Dela Serna

Indeed, blogging path is a wonderful journey to trail. It allows me to explore and learn new things and I never even thought that it would be much more than writing and sharing photos. I have come to realize that it is more about connecting people and telling stories and it is definitely something I want to celebrate!

Five years of blogging has been very rewarding, challenging and a very exciting learning curve. Cheers for more years to come!
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WATCH: 17th Lubi-Lubi Festival of Glan, Sarangani Province

Glan, Sarangani Province - this municipality has always a special place in my heart. In fact, we had a farm in Pangyan where I first learned how to ride a horse, culture fish in our own pond and had my first major accident after falling from the window of our 2-story house; I was around 3 or 4 years old that time I believe. Nonetheless, it's such a wonderful feeling to be back from my original home and what's giving me more reason to hype is the celebration of Glan's 102nd Foundation Anniversary. 

This year's foundation anniversary is as well the celebration of 17th Lubi-Lubi Festival. And it's my first time to witness this grand event. Since I arrived on it's final day, all roads lead to its grandiose Street-dancing Competition and Closing ceremony which I make sure that I'm experiencing the most of it. See this video below.

Just a little disclaimer though, the festival happened early month of October 2016 but I just updated it here. I really thought I have this posted already here in my blog but only to find out that it only exists on my facebook timeline. Such a disgrace; howbeit, better late than never, eh? Haha Thanks for reading and watching!

To know more of Lubi-Lubi Festival, visit the official page on facebook by clicking HERE! ⬅️
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PayMaya join forces with Smart for virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard

I have been a religious user of PayMaya since it was first launched in the country and I have seen the innovations it went through for over a year now and I must say it has been a great digital experience to pay hassle free. Now, on its new chapter after PayMaya was cited as the world's Best Online Payment Solutions at an industry awards event in London, it’s now officially tying the knot with the leading mobile network – Smart Communications, Inc.

This is great news for me although I know that they’re just in one umbrella but seeing them as one now excites me. And with the kind of work environment and schedules I have, making it extra easy than it used to before will save time and effort. Here's my card:

I can still remember the time that I have to manually go to an establishment just to pay a bill, with PayMaya, a click will do. Also, imagine how I went through a lot of stress every time I don’t have any card since I’m not fond of bringing my wallet as long as I have enough penny with me and there’s a sale online.. I’m gonna die! But with PayMaya, all I have to do is to connect my app as payment option and it’s all good. The convenience it gives me is beyond words.

The original PayMaya card is way different from SMART PayMaya card if we’re going to base it on how it looks like, but their uses are just completely alike since it is just in one app. Although, it shows now as a much improve like what I’ve used to before. Uses are as follows:
  • Get 10% discount on prepaid loads
  • Buy items online wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Do online bills payment conveniently
  • Transfer funds
  • Exclusive perks and discounts

Smart continuously aims to enable its subscribers to live a full digital lifestyle by collaborating with various brands that provide practical innovations for them to enjoy.

For time user, by downloading the PayMaya app on their Android or iOS phones and registering with their Smart, TNT, or Sun mobile number, subscribers will be able to instantly get a virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard, which they can load up at PayMaya load-up centers and use in more than 36 million merchants worldwide that accept MasterCard.

Smart subscribers who download the PayMaya app and use their virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard can also get as much as 10% discount on Smart prepaid load when they buy in-app, as well as enjoy exciting perks and discounts from Zalora, Jollibee, and many other big brands that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait for what’s going to happen next? Visit smart.com.ph/smartpaymaya to be in the loop.
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WATCH: Welcome to PLDT – Smart #ConnectedDavao

PLDT-Smart welcomes change in the country’s biggest city with Connected Davao, the first digital event of its kind in Davao City. More than an exhibition, Connected Davao showcased the latest products and services from PLDT and Smart and celebrate that Davao City is now an LTE-covered city.

My mobile signal was struggling af during my first few months here in Davao and Ria (a blogger friend who is a member of Davao Bloggers Society) can truly attest to that. But with Smart Communications, Inc. innovation and connection improvement, I am now getting a not a less than 60mbps download and 13mbps upload every single day. 

Thanks to smart for rolling out a Faster LTE in the city.

Now, just like me, Davaoeños can surf the net in ultrafast speeds of up to 42 mbps!
That’s six times as fast as 3G.
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