Eraserheads: Reunites with #‎SmartAllOutSurf + My Top 5 Favorite Hits

The most successful and influential Filipino rock band in Philippine music history is set to make wave again. I’m talking about none other than Eraserheads! A band that inspired the creation of a lot of our home-grown acts and still continue to do so.

Magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalaymalay na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay…” this became the song of every Filipino, but of course, a true E-aficionados know that there’s more to them than this ultimate hit – “Ang Huling El Bimbo”. This overplayed gem is only the tip of the iceberg and with so much nostalgia, I have mustered my Top 5 Eraserheads hits.

1. Ang Huling El Bimbo

2. Pare Ko

3. Ligaya

4. Magazine

5. Toyang

These songs bring so much memories of the past that will never get old. And for this band’s amazing comeback, there is something to watch out for. That’s why Smart brings together the Eraserheads to go all out for a new and latest offering for all their prepaid subscribers.

Smart reunites the ultimate foursome of Pinoy Rock Music; Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raymund Marasigan, and Buddy Zabala – the Eraserheads!

And as they say, “iba talaga ‘pag kumpleto.” Whether it is entertainment or anything else, people look for the whole package. In the same way, Smart’s prepaid call and text bundles are awesome, and its surf bundles equally so. But if you combine call, text and mobile internet, you have the most comprehensive prepaid deal ever.

On August 19, the telco launches ALLOUTSURF 30, the first complete data, call and text, offer in the market. For Php 30, prepaid subscribers get 2 days of 300MB data with free access to Facebook, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30 minutes calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.

Now, there’s no need to choose between call, text, and mobile data. You can have it all with ALLOUTSURF30, the first promo offer to give subscribers what they want and need.

For more information about ALLOUTSURF 30 and other promos, click here. To avail, text ALLOUT30 to 9999.
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GoLocal Pocket Wifi: Your Travel Partner in the Philippines

Stay connected with tourist’s greatest travel buddy in the Philippines – the GoLocal Pocket Wifi. Smart Communications launched a mobile data solution that can assist incoming visitors conveniently stay online and always be connected with their family and friends wherever they are in the country.

With this amazing initiative, tourists are able to enjoy reliable and fast internet connection with cheap deals for as low as $1.67 per day. Plan bundles are dedicated only on this specific device to ensure a hassle-free and economical travel mobile data experience. Moreover, GoLocal Pocket Wifi can connect up to five devices like mobiles, tablets or ipads, laptops all at the same time with a remarkable speed up to 42mbps.

The pocket wifi device rental service is now available online as well as at NAIA Terminal 1, NAIA Terminal 3 and Cebu-Mactan airport. To avail, just head over to GoLocal booths located at the arrival area of the terminals mentioned. Or have this arranged prior via and your device will be ready for pick-up by the time you arrive. For a more convenient way, an option of having the device delivered straight to your hotel is as well possible.

GoLocal Pocket Wifi website mobile interface

GoLocal Pocket Wifi is indeed a superb alternative while travelling the Philippines without worrying any international data charges. Just with GoLocal Pocket Wifi alone, you can truly give surety that it’s more fun in the Philippines.

GoLocal Pocket WiFi rental requires a USD 45 REFUNDABLE deposit. This is to make certain that Smart got you covered so you can take pleasure in and need not to worry about your connectivity needs. GoLocal has wide coverage as it is powered by Smart, the Philippines’ largest mobile network in the Philippines.

To know more of this product, click here. So what are you waiting for? Book now!
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Pokémon GO now LIVE! Smart gives Free Access for Subscribers

The most anticipated app in the market is now up live in the country. In partnership with the leading mobile services provider Smart Communications has announced that it will give subscribers 7 days of free data access to Pokémon GO starting today nationwide. This offer is available on both Android and iOS users.

Smart and TNT subscribers who are using iPhones or Android smartphones can enjoy 7 days free data access to Pokémon GO upon accessing the game and start playing without data charges for 7 days. Isn’t that fantabulously amazing Pokémon Trainers?

 A Worldwide Phenomenon

A location-based augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon GO lets players assume the role of a trainer who discovers and catches Pokémon or “pocket monsters” as if in real life using the GPS and camera of their smartphones.

Players level up their Pokémon and battle other trainers to gain Pokécoins that can be spent on in-game items.

Developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company, Pokemon GO has swept gamers since it was first launched in the USA, Australia and New Zealand on July 6. The game is now available in over 30 countries, including Japan, where the original Pokemon game and anime series originated.

#PHforPokemonGO Campaign

Smart is one with the whole nation in waiting for Pokemon GO to finally go live in the Philippines, and we are very excited to welcome the game in our own big way,” said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Mobile Business Head.

Smart subscribers nationwide can look forward to more special treats and promos that will allow them to make the most of their Pokemon GO experience.

Drumming up the excitement among millions of Filipino fans, Smart joined the rally for #PHForPokemonGO on social media since the game was released in select markets last July 6.  On Twitter alone, the anticipation and clamor for the game reached more than 14 million impressions on over the last couple of weeks for Smart and Pokemon Go.

Leveled-up Pokemon GO Experience

Smart and TNT subscribers can easily level up their game play via convenient and secure Pokemon Go in-app purchases even without a credit card.

With Smart’s Google Direct Carrier Billing for Android users, subscribers can easily purchase Pokecoins, Pokemon Go’s currency mainly used for buying items that will help gamers catch Pokemons – directly charged to their prepaid load or postpaid account.

Smart Postpaid subscribers who are iPhone users can also conveniently buy Pokecoins, charged to their monthly billing, through Smart’s Pay-With- Mobile service.

Catch the latest updates on Pokemon GO by following Smart’s official accounts on Facebook, Snapchat (LiveSmartPH), Twitter and Instagram.
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DIARY: One Startling Year in Davao

It all started as a quick trip way back exactly a year ago now. And it's still so fresh to reminisce all the things from the time I first landed my shoes here in Davao City. I never thought that it would going to be a good start of something new; there were no other plans but just to go places and explore the metro. But look what I have become – a better version of me.

It all started with a two-hour recruitment process. A two-hour tripping because applying wasn't really my intention in the first place. But with luck and or destiny perhaps – things change all of a sudden. And after 3 days, I'm on board for my first day at work. That was fast, I know.

Since I'm new to Davao, I know no place. It's so stressful to look for a new flat and to acquaint with road routes; so I always end up riding a cab daily which I find really expensive than just riding a jeep that cost me P8.00 only.

Who said it was easy? Not at all.

After a year, my decision of relocating to a different city and getting a new job is a great challenge of facing the new chapter of life – independency. With so many thrills in conquering daily challenges, factors affecting social responsibility, family duty and every day wander. Going solo is a heavy weight to shoulder especially when it’s going to be your first after 25 years of being with your family. But there are really good elements that I happily realized as an independent person; being physically, emotionally and financially independent.

My amazing team!

Now, I'm a proud Call Center Employee! Embracing the BPO industry becomes my strong companion throughout this journey and I feel so blessed to have such a dynamic working environment. Being a call center agent helps me to become the very best I can become. Imagine I converse well in English now (less in writing though. Haha) even if I did not take English major way back in college. I can easily read bills even if I don't have any accounting background. I troubleshoot and fix issues even if I am not computer savvy person. Well, I just inform them to reboot the modem though and run an antivirus; after which, they suddenly praise me like God because it works. Lol! But more than that…

I am shock-absorber. I take on set supervisor calls especially when they're irate and aggressive. I can pacify aggravated callers even if I'm not a psychology graduate. I learn to say sorry even if it's not my fault. I help people who don't even mean to me. And I still put a genuine smile even though the callers can't see us and even if I'm hurting inside. You know what, it's hard. It often gives me a thought of giving up but I am not a loser and so quitting will never be an option. That's why I'm a proud call center agent because despite the job requires us to become a machine that can multitask, it mandates us to be human inside as well. So if you know someone working in a call center, tap their back because it's never easy as what people think it is.

After a year, I'm now working as a Subject Matter Expert and taking every possibilities of grabbing new opportunities. I don't settle for less because I know now my worth.

Anniversary dinner with my wavemates at Vikings, SM Lanang Premier 

It’s indeed a one fantabulous year for me.
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Make the Most of Pokemon Go via freenet and PayMaya

Now a certified worldwide phenomenon, Pokemon GO captures the imagination of people everywhere. Pokemon GO is a location-based mobile game developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company. The mobile game allows players to catch Pokemon or "pocket monsters" as if in real life using the GPS and camera of their smartphones.

The game is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and select European countries. It has yet to launch in any Asian country, including Japan where the original Pokemon game originated; And for its grand launch in the country – Philippines, freenet and PayMaya has this most anticipated game of the year real time updates.  Be the first to know on the upcoming release of the game and fully enjoy Pokemon Go when it launches.

Get Pokemon GO updates with freenet

Those who want to stay updated on news about the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines may now download the freenet app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Through freenet, Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers will be able to read the latest news and social media feeds from the local Pokemon GO community for free and with no data charges.

This is part of freenet’s mission to enable communities such as those who are eager to play Pokemon GO to stay active and participate in various activities and discussions through digital means.

This follows the successful live-streaming of President Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration and the Gilas Pilipinas FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament games through freenet, which allowed Filipinos to be digitally present in these historic events even if they are not physically able to do so.

Purchase Pokecoins with PayMaya

Meanwhile, once the Pokemon GO app launches in the Philippines, players will be able to fully enjoy the game through in-app purchases with the help of PayMaya, the easiest way to pay online even without a credit card.

Players only have to download the PayMaya app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, load up their accounts with at least P60 to cover the standard app store verification fee, and link their virtual VISA card to their app store accounts to be able to make in-app purchases for Pokecoins, the in-app currency used inside the Pokemon GO game.

With the help of Pokecoins, players will be able to purchase various items that will help them easily navigate the game, such as Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with, Pokemon eggs that allow them to “hatch” Pokemon, Potions to restore the health of their Pokemon, and Incense and Lure Modules that make it easy to attract wild Pokemon to their immediate vicinity.

In-app purchases are made more convenient with PayMaya as mobile game players can easily load up at any of the over 15,000 PayMaya reloading stations nationwide that include SM Malls Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, Bayad Centers, 7-Eleven stores with Cliqq kiosks, TouchPay Kiosks, and Smart Padala Centers, on top of online banking via BDO.

Aside from the mobile app, PayMaya customers can also opt to have their own PayMaya physical prepaid card which can be used in brick-and- mortar stores worldwide that accept Visa. A variant also comes with its own beep™ wallet, allowing users to ride the MRT, LRT, some city buses and other beep™-powered transportation for their daily commute, so they can easily explore the city in search of wild Pokemon.

Users who upgrade their PayMaya account can use their PayMaya for peer-to- peer money transfers and ATM withdrawals.

For more information about PayMaya and how users can get their own PayMaya card, click here. To know more about the free and fun way to connect through freenet, click here 
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