It’s a sunny holiday and everyone is taking their own vitamin sea. With so much summer heat we have here in the south, nothing can beat but a good pair of cool sunnies. Recently, I was just scrolling down my Facebook timeline and luckily bumped into Zalora’s page as they are celebrating their fruitful 3rd anniversary. It was so enticing to bargain since the items were on sale, so I bought a few and it includes one of my fave in my shopping cart, the HASHTAG PAASA In Silver by EYE KNOW RIGHT from Zalora Philippines Marletplace. Review after the jump.

The price is reasonable, quite inexpensive than most of the sunnies you can buy in Zalora. Got mine for 299php only from its original price of 499php. It’s really a great steal already plus they are offering the Free Shipping advantage. Isn’t that amazing? So I hold no bars.

When it comes to packaging, I wasn’t quite impress but its far more decent than just providing a plain pouch and arrived in defective condition. The package includes the item itself, a pouch, the cloth cleaner and a piece of cardboard that represents the sunglasses case. Buying your own case is optional, but I would like to suggest that you have to buy your own case because if you just rely on the card case itself, it might catch you off guard if all of a sudden it crushed inside your bag. Nevertheless, I would still like to commend the creativity of providing a card case as an alternative.

HASHTAG PAASA In Silver is a masculine-looking fashion accessory with a simple yet sleek design. It has actually a way better quality than I anticipated. However, they seem just a little fragile, but they're very nice. Moreover, they're not as big as most sunglasses, and definitely not small either. HASHTAG PAASA In Silver is lighter in weight.

The silver frame mirror lens come in handy when you need to check your face or anything that needs the use of mirror. Apart from the lenses that looks so classic, they do a great job also keeping the sun under control. You can see out, but people can't see in.


HASHTAG PAASA In Silver fits perfectly to me. With its design, quality and price, you’re getting a good deal here. Just be very extra careful of not letting these sunnies dropped. Despite its packaging, HASHTAG PAASA In Silver is a tremendous buy and for the price, I would recommend this to anyone who even thought about getting sunglasses.

For latest updates on designs and promos:
Visit EYE KNOW RIGHT on Zalora Marketplace, click here.
Catch them on instagram: @EyeKnowRightSunnies
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Glan: All Set for 5th Mahin Beach Festival!

SoCCSKSarGen is a paradise itself with so many great finds that are truly amazing. From rich culture, delish foods, the people and most importantly the mesmerizing long stretch of white sand shore line with clear blue sea that will surely going to capture your heart.

In line with this, the bays of Glan, Sarangani Province are now everyone’s ultimate summer destination. So to kick-off your summer getaway and on its 5th leg, Glan is now all set for 2015 Mahin Beach Festival. Details of which after the jump.

MAHIN is the B’laan term for Sea.

2015 Mahin Beach Festival is Glan’s Welcome to Summer celebration and this year’s up to give you a #PerfectSummer experience. For a summer frolic festivity, mark these three (3) days Mahin 2015 Calendar of Activities.

No more waiting for too long because summer is here. Summer starts here! See you there!

For more information, check out 2015 Mahin Beach Festival’s official social media accounts:
FACEBOOK:  Mahin Festival
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Evening Dresses Shopping Tips

When you want to select an evening dress, you need to pay attention to many aspects. For example, the way about buying skills; how many skills do you know? Do you choose the dress just according to your own preference? But many people often think about that the dresses are not very good when they take them home. So when we face this situation, we would need to pay more attention to some optional tips. Then let's have a look together.

FIRST: Choice of Style

For those tailored evening dresses manufacturers, they might put up the price in order to be able to do all aspects of a very good condition. Because they should spend a lot of thought in the dress and produce fashionable dresses with good quality. So we could make a choice of this dress style avoid choosing some in low price because these dresses with low price may not reach a certain effect. It will also affect the overall impression, so that we still need pay special attention to those details.

SECOND: Fabrics and Workmanship

This is the important aspect of buying a formal evening dress. Usually, a good evening dress may have good fabric, great tailor, exquisite workmanship and so on. So when we wear these good evening dresses to some party we can get unexpected effects. In opposite, when we wear a dress with bad fabric that could not show your figure. And we also should consider the workmanship. If you have time to attend the meeting, you find a small thread residue is coming out from time to time. Is it affecting your mood too? You can have a look about dressstreet, which is awesome.

We have to observe the quality in the purchase of a special formal evening dress. Take a look first and think for a moment and then decide whether to buy or not. Taking whether into consideration can also be a good choice. I hope all my friends can choose a good dress for their own carefully.
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Internet.Org App debuts in Southeast Asia with Smart’s Talk ‘N Text for Free Internet Access to 24 Sites

To provide the best mobile internet experience to all Filipinos, the wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) through its value brand Talk ‘N Text, has partnered with Facebook to introduce the Internet.org App, offering a set of mobile internet services – including useful education, news, health, messaging and communication – without  data charges.

You read it right, Internet for FREE! For no extra cost, SMART is making opportunities for Filipino to open into a wide scope of mobile technology and advancement. For its initial phase, Internet.org app allows Filipinos to enjoy free access to a buffet of 24 websites featuring informative and practical content on their mobile phones.

Using the Internet.org Android App or by visiting www.internet.org from their mobile browser, subscribers of Talk ‘N Text, Smart and Sun Cellular may enjoy free access to 24 websites, including Facebook and Messenger. The other sites are as follows:

Internet.org is a Facebook-led initiative that aims to make mobile Internet services available to two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected. Smart is the first telco to launch with Internet.org app in the Philippines, and today’s launch marks the first time the Internet.org app will be available in Southeast Asia.

According to Smart president and chief executive officer Napoleon L. NazarenoSmart’s partnership with Facebook is a big boost to our ‘Internet for All’ campaign, an advocacy we have been strongly pushing for. By launching Internet.org app with Facebook in the Philippines, we are making useful information within reach of millions of Filipinos.

Subscribers may download the Internet.org App on Google Play Store. They may also simply text INTERNET to 9999 to enjoy the services.

With the Internet.org app on their mobile phones, TNT, Smart and Sun subscribers nationwide may now access general information of the sites listed above.

Most importantly, subscribers may enjoy the services of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which they may use to connect to loved ones and friends.
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Manny Pacquiao's 2nd Biggest Loser Challenge

Following the success of the 1st Manny Pacquiao's Biggest Loser Challenge, which was locally held last September 2014, Pacman Wildcard Gym welcomes you to the 2nd part of this event.

The 2nd Manny Pacquiao's Biggest Loser Challenge will officially start on April 1, 2015, applying the same mechanics it had previously, but this time, more challenging. Interested applicants can drop by the gym anytime for registration or slot reservation, or inquire for details regarding the event – click here

This is one way of showing our clients the fruition of their labor in terms of fitness and health; you can do it, if you believe you can.

Summer is here, and we want to push people to the limits, in a healthy way. There's no minimum weight required, all you need to do is lose 15% of your total body weight and a guaranteed amount of 25k will be awarded on the final weigh in dated on May 15, 2015.

Prizes for the 2nd MP Biggest Loser:
  • USD 10, 000 - 1st place
  • USD 5, 000 - 2nd place
  • USD 3, 000 - 3rd place
  • USD 1, 000 - 4th place
  • P25,000.00 - participants who have lost at least 15% of their body weight
Challenge yourself within the 1 month and 15 day period to lose 15% at the same time earn that cash prize.  Where else can you find a contest where you just need to lose a certain portion of your total body weight and earn a heaping cash prize? Only in Pacman Wildcard Gym, that's for sure!

So what are you waiting for? Don't be a brat, burn that fat!
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