SunCity's Neon Rain: Outfit Guide for First Time Ravers!

Are you ready to get wild and have fun with heavy techno beats and hundreds of party people? In less than a month, GenSan is set to paint the town as SunCity Suites organize the most anticipated rave party dubbed as Neon Rain. So make yourself ready for another exciting experience.

Rave Party is without a doubt another feel-great party that each general would most likely need to be part with. Since the event is quick drawing closer, have you checked your wardrobe already to see if you have the right stuff to wear? If not, then I can get you rave–ready in no time. Despite the fact that rave party is a free for all and you can truly wear anything you need, however as I observed, I don’t want you to look weird and awkward like others with crazy outfits.

Before digging in on what to wear, you have first to consider the weather and the venue simply because it’s not appropriate really to wear fur boots and thick leather jacket when in GenSan. Seriously. Hence, make sure that you’re not going to murder yourself by other party goers’ odd look. Hence, dress likewise so you will stay comfortable, which is the most vital thing.

As for what you should wear that is really up to you. But remember, you will be partying in GenSan and this is a paint party. So it shouldn't be anything too nice but not look like crap. So here’s my quick guide that you might consider jotting down.

Trend: Wear something bright, vibrant, cute and colorful. Plain and simple are good options too since you’ll get neon paints thrown on you. 

Female: A less detailed crop top or a white tank top, a loose boyfriend shirt is also a good choice paired with white skinny denim short or soffe short. For the shoes, just settle on cheaper trainers if you don’t want your branded kicks splashed with paints. Take note that you'll be dancing most of the night, so no heels! Wearing a bandana headband is a good addition. Wear some neon hues wristbands, rave glasses and some glow in the dark accessories to spice up your outfit

Male: Guy's always have it easy. White or less detailed shirt is good to go paired with any light shorts. For men who have EL flashing shirt like me, you can wear that one because it’s definitely a head turner. Grab some cheaper sneakers; add some LED shoelaces to give them a light-show boost. Most men are into wearing shutter shades, so don’t forget to own one.

Facebook Page: SunCity Rave Party

A little reminder:

Keep all your stuff like phone, keys, wallet and etcetera tucked in a zippered or fastened pocket. This can be a bummer if you lose something before the night overwhelms you. Double check your outfit before you say that you’re good to go.


Be innovative. Try not to wear your most loved stuff. Leave the heels at home. Move! EDM is probably the easiest music to feel the beat and catch the rhythm. Therefore wear something that you are comfortable with because no one will judge you. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the party because its time to YOLO, don’t waste it!
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Neon Rain to electrify GenSan's Ravers!

Conducive party ground, strobe lights, glow sticks and drinks to hype the beat are what make an impeccable rave party an amusing to get wild with. Although rave party has a lot of variations depending on the theme or cerebration being celebrated, yet what makes all these rave parties alike is the sole definition of a place where people go to listen to techno music and have a great time. Rave parties are now becoming a new party trend. With Filipino’s creativity, it surge in popularity like adding neon powder or paint colors to make it more vibrant and festive.

In line with this, today’s most colorful rave party dubbed as Neon Rain in celebration of SunCity Suites Music Festival is coming to town this July 18, 2015 at Robinsons Place GenSan Activity Grounds highlighting the hottest DJ’s in the country.

Tickets are not available yet but you make your reservations as early as now. Just head on to their facebook page on how to get one. Ticket prices are as follows:
  • VIP – 500php only
  • General – 200php only
To score free tickets, visit SunCity Rave Party facebook here.

This event is brought to you by SunCity Suites, Robinsons Place – GenSan and Team 1000. Part of the proceeds will be for the benefit of Save the Children Foundation. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and geared yourself for this year’s most anticipated rave party.

See you, GenSan ravers!
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CALAYAN SECRETS: Skin Whitening Body Beauty Bar

The celebrated doctor- to-the-stars, Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie Calayan, took the time to celebrate their twentieth years of success, helping women and men become even more beautiful – inside and out – by sharing something exclusive with close media friends in an atmosphere that’s casual, light yet fun.

Founders and owners of the prestigious CALAYAN SURGICENTRE, Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan have long recognized the need of Filipino men and women to have a truly clear, fair, soft and smooth unblemished complexion despite being exposed to a humid, tropical climate and polluted environment which tend to cause skin problems, which, unless checked, may worsen. Both have thus decided it’s time to share their best kept secret: a simple regimen that with continued use can really give the desired result.

(Dr. Manny & Pie Calayan and their daughters)

This year, on their 20th year, the unparalleled authority in beauty reveals CALAYAN SECRETS. Common skin problems like uneven or blotchy, or dull, dry or rough textured skin have been the cause  of shame, misery and lack of confidence among many youths and adults alike. Just as skin types are different, so should it be when it comes to one’s choice of soap. Imagine the frustration of many who believed in the hype that failed to yield the results desired. By now, consumers have wizened up, realistic too, that not all soaps can provide one’s skin with the silky, smooth, soft-to-the-touch suppleness, nor can it really make one’s skin whiter like this or that with a celebrity.

Hope is now here”, says the iconic couple. “CALAYAN SECRETS is a specially formulated skin whitening body beauty bar that is gentle to use daily on the skin- the face, and on the whole body actually. Because CALAYAN SECRETS SKIN WHITENING BODY BEAUTY BAR’s main ingredients contain only the finest grade of Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Vitamin C to help draw out the result your desire… your true beauty.

As we often say, the skin is a person’s best asset,” says Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie Calayam, adding, “The secret to achieving clear, smooth and fairer skin- starting with the face and down to the tips and soles of the feet- is now revealed for every man and woman to uncover…with every use of CALAYAN SECRETS SKIN WHITENING BODY BEAUTY BAR.

See THE DIFFERENCE. CALAYAN SECRETS. The SKIN WHITENING BEAUTY BAR for HIM and for HER. Now available in Mercury Drugstores nearest you.
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Healthy Switch: Jogging and Grooving

Stress and apprehension are hard to handle if you’re doing the same thing over and over and if they’re becoming a constant part of your life. Well, every person feels restless, may be some of the time, especially when stressful things are happening. Nonetheless, how would you really going to handle these if that’s how your life really works. This kind of issue is ubiquitously and I’ve noticed a change to myself from being a laid back to becoming easily stressed and flustered. I find it now extremely difficult to handle when something planned doesn’t worked out. It makes me angry and my only wish is that I hope I could calm myself down more. I don’t want to become easily frustrated even on simple things. Or I might just putting too much pressures on my self? Nevertheless, whatever it is, I have found a good solution, exercise.

(photo credit to:

Physical exercise is good to your health, that I’m pretty sure we wont gonna argue. But do you even know that apart from acquiring physical benefits, it also boosts your mood and improve your sex life? Yes, now you know. And the benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. So, I choose to go jogging and attending Zumba sessions to at least heed the call of my health issues, physical desires and some psychological needs.

I’m on my second week already of continuous night jogging whether doing it solo or with few colleagues. I am giving myself no less than an hour or 2 of constant running and quick strolling. The reason of choosing to do it during sun down is that to make sure I've taken care of whatever obligations I have that day, so I can empty my mind. Although the number of calories I burn has no effect on whether running in the morning or at night. I just have a strong commitment to lower my weight, have at least a good body shape and a better health condition. Plus, I am getting a certain emotional lift which leaves me feeling happier and more relaxed after the run.

During the day, I have an undeniable energy to do all my daily chores which makes me more effective on my workplace. I don’t get easily tired because exercising helps my cardiovascular system work more efficiently. During bed time, I am not getting any battles going to rest, truth be told, it deepen my sleep.

When it comes to my diet, I lessen the amount of rice I take every meal. No soda and more water. I get regular 8 hour sleep daily. Taking at least 2 fruits a day like banana, mango or apple, whichever is available. If I get the chance to go out, I make sure to buy vegetables salad to get more antioxidants and other nutrients.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I am spending an hour of Zumba session. It is a fantastic workout grows in popularity every single day and it’s one of most fun yet effective workout routines out there. 

My very first Zumba ever. Had the chance to join a 2 hours and 30 minutes non-stop Zumba marathon.

By a long shot, I am seeing great indications of improvements.


Regular exercise will not just improve you physically but also makes you feel better about your appearance and gives you an up to increase self esteem. Apart from getting benefits on health, physical and feeling better, it’s a fun activity to do. It’s also a good way to distance your self from tech life and appreciate this present reality.
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SMART backs SarBay Fest anew

Mobile services leader Smart Communications (Smart) is once again supporting the annual Sarangani Bay Festival to help promote tourism in the region as well as raise public awareness on the importance of environmental preservation and protection.

The festivities will run from May 15 to 17 in the municipality of Glan, Sarangani. Smart is sponsoring various activities during the three-day festival, including the Talk ‘N Text Day on the 15th, the Swim-Bike-Run for the Environment triathlon event on the 16th, and the Community Coastal Cleanup and release of fingerlings to the bay on the 17th.

Smart has been supporting the environmental campaign during SarBay Festival for the fourth straight year now as part of its advocacy to help promote ecological stewardship, and to push Sarangani as an Eco-Tourism Hub South of the country.

Sarangani Bay is a 230-kilometer stretch of shoreline that is home to diverse marine life, including the world-famous tuna.

The need to protect the environment has become all the more pressing with the onset of climate change. Getting more people involved in this global effort to save the planet is very important. At Smart, we take initiatives like the SarBay Fest as an opportunity to promote not only the beauty of our country but also the protection of its resources to a bigger stage,” said Ramon R. Isberto, head of Public Affairs at Smart.

Smart has been giving tourism a push with its digital tourism initiative, and its Doon Po Sa Amin mapping competition that encourages crowd-sourcing of content from young students on what’s unique about their hometowns.

As the country’s leading wireless provider with facilities strategically located nationwide, Smart also recognizes it plays a key role in advancing the institutionalization of sound environmental practices in the industry.

It has been planting trees and mangrove propagules in various adopted sites nationwide in an effort to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of its operations.  It is one of the key proponents of the Marikina Watershed Initiative that aims to reforest and rehabilitate Metro Manila’s flood water catch basin.

It also adopted green merchandising and is the first company in the Philippines to make use of eco-friendly materials like stone paper for its outdoor advertising.  It is also working closely with a community in Sooc, Iloilo for the upcycling of used tarpaulins into designer bags.  
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