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Spent a delightful Wednesday evening with the dashing members of Davao Bloggers Society for a fun Pizza Making activity with the Greenwich associates in their newly renovated branch fronting Gaisano South Mall at Ilustre corner Duterte Streets. A food making camp which allowed us to make our own pizza and become a certified pizza maker.

The session started with a brief introduction by the Trade Marketing for Mindanao, Mr. Alvin Tolentino, on how Greenwich Pizza made its way to become one of today’s biggest food chains in the Philippines, starting with just a small store in Greenhills and  can now be found everywhere in the country.

After the small talk, we’re able to witness how Greenwich Pizza prepares their dough before putting all the other necessary ingredients. After which, the dough was distributed so we could start creating our own pizza. Since we didn’t have aprons, we just draped ourselves with cute smiles and clean hands.

Greenwich Pizza distributed to each attendee, a round dough with small bowls of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, pineapple chunks and onion rings, beef bar to pinch and bacon flakes, pizza sauce and other toppings needed.

On my dough canvas, I smoothly spread the pizza sauce from the center, leaving a clean inch around the outer part of the dough. Sprinkled some mozzarella cheese and proceeded to add the remaining ingredients. Although there were no set strict guidelines to follow, I managed to put the bell pepper, pepperoni and ham in a more organized fashion.  I then covered the whole dough with lots and lots of cheese.

The team from Greenwich gathered all our pizzas for baking and at the same time,  judged our work, if we did everything right.

After minutes of waiting, baked pizzas were then brought out to be eaten and already judged by Mr. Alvin and some of the Greenwich staff. Before announcing the winners, freebies were given away via a raffle draw. Cheers to that! And when the time came to the announcement of the best pizza, imagine my surprise when out of more than 20 bloggers who joined, I was one of the four Top Pizza Makers! Isn’t  that amazing?

Watch this video below to see the rest of the happenings during my first Greenwich Pizza Making Camp! Enjoy!
Funny thing is that while I am actually cooking my breakfast earlier, I got a call from a friend and it was a real struggle for me to be holding the phone on one hand while doing my thing with the other. I decided to get my headset thinking that this would help me at some point in taking the call while cooking. Conversely, this only created another dilemma as I had to deal with the headset’s long cord while keeping it away from the stove and getting mixed up with the ingredients. And that is making everything inefficient and all jumbled up. So I realized then that I should have my own wireless headset or a Bluetooth headset to enable me to multitask especially in situations like this.

So out I went right after  my breakfast to hunt for a Bluetooth headset that I can use to minimize my stress level. I find it very advantageous as a Bluetooth headset would free my hands, allowing me to be more efficient and safe while doing other stuff. And while I traipsed around the mall, I stumbled upon this one–stop media provider, CD-R King, which aims to bring more affordable Bluetooth headsets with a lot of options to choose from.

I love how useful a Bluetooth headset is as you no longer need to ransom an arm every time you use your phone and hold it close to your head for the duration of the call. With a Bluetooth headset, you can multitask more effectively with the feeling of having the person you're talking to just standing next to you.

With prices for as low as Php280, this is certainly a great gift idea this yuletide season across all genres and market segments as anybody can put this gadget to good use and can complement whatever activity they they indulge in.

So if you want to stay reachable,  get a Bluetooth headset that will free your hands to multitask while you're on a call, this will definitely increase productivity while you work.

Visit any of the CD-R King branches near you to check on their wide range of Bluetooth headsets and other tech gadgets that suit your lifestyle. Follow them on FB: for more updates and promos.
Spotted a must try food hub – the HERMANOS:  Bar and Grill. Another new-fangled spot in the metro that will assuredly give you a diverse range of food options. This resto is just few blocks away from my office, which is particularly situated along the University Avenue in Juna Subdivision, Ecoland Drive, Davao City. I have heard a lot of good words from the people who tried it and in spite of their resto just being recently opened, there have been a lot of reviews blasting on my newsfeed and this truly excited me to give it a try. 


Nothing much to lure you on the resto’s interior design because it seems unfinished and there’s no stuff placed yet on the wall deck and the wall per se is a bit bland in color, and the outdoor tables needed little by way of shelter, but I could see the effort made which somehow may be what the proprietors probably want it to look like, I believe. Though it feels fresher,  it’s slightly underwhelming. I’m just not sure though how the place looks like at night since they’re open until late in the evening.


Likewise for the menu. At first glance it didn't appear to try to break into new ground and my attitude then was, it doesn't need to, they’re all just the same anyway. But HERMANOS substantiates itself in some degree, the vibe and the taste  will give you enough reason to come back.

As much as I would love to order everything that is on the menu, I wish I could, but I can’t. So I have just ordered a few of their Off-The-Grill best sellers and here’s what I can say:

To start with, there is the HERMANOS’s Three-way Rice Unlimited. This new offering is a hit as it gives the diners' a preference of which kind of rice they want to go with their meal, it could be Garlic Fried Rice, Java Rice and or the plain regular rice. Availing the Rice Unlimited offer does not bind you to only one type of rice but actually  entitles you to switch between the different rice types depending on your choice. See how awesome that is?  To enjoy three way in one seating only and to note that you’re not paying extra to have this; the Three-way Rice Unlimited is already packed with their Off-The-Grill meal.

Grilled Spare Ribs is finger licking good, well cooked and tender. Every bite will smash your mouth with juices from the inside and the softness of the meat will linger inside your mouth pleasuring your taste buds. I love how playful the sweetness of the grilled ribs despite its rustic bittersweet appearance after being grilled.

On the other hand, Chicken Inasal is like the usual inasal that you find anywhere else. Somewhat basic but what makes it distinct from the others is perhaps the seasonings that you can still taste due to the meat being overly marinated before it was cooked. It’s actually a good feedback though,   the only problem  is that at some point, you can no longer taste the chicken itself but just  regular meat coated with spices.

My favorite among all is the Pork Liempo. I love how they perfectly serve it with the right amount of fat and oil brimming from its tender meat and the crispiness of the skin is just beyond words. It’s a totally mouth-watering crusty piece of heaven that may look rock-hard yet  mushy and lip-smacking to gnaw at. If my cardiologist is reading this post now, he’s probably going to kill me because of this indulgence and/or negligence. Haha!

Adding to my list that are must to try: Croquetas, Potato Wedges, Calamares and Nachos – prices range from 80php to 130php. They have burgers too... that's my next target on my next visit.


To be honest though, I am not really after the design since it is just a plus point for me, as long as you deliver great service.  The place is really clean and the food is scrumptious – am hooked. Moreover, I love how HERMANOS put a clever idea on three-way rice option; I can’t imagine life without extra rice and getting this kind of choice feels like I’m in a cloud nine. Haha!  Likewise, everything on the menu is reasonable priced, well-cooked and well-presented that you essentially get more than what you pay for. The staff on the other hand are all friendly, attentive and polite.

HERMANOS needs a little push on their media presence since everything is turning digital. Also, a little modification on their running selfie promotion. And how about adding me to their team online or just these hashtags perhaps: #EatAtHermanos #HermanosBandG #ChillAtHermanos?

Overall, I’m giving HERMANOS Bar & Grill a good score of 4.3/5, cheers!