My First K-Actor Fanmeet: Park Hyungsik 2024 Asia Tour "SIKret Time in Manila"

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I've been to quite a few K-Pop concerts, but a fanmeet? That was a first for me, especially one with a K-Actor. I've been a big fan of K-dramas ever since the pandemic, and I've developed a liking for various Korean actors and actresses. So, when the opportunity came to attend Park Hyung Sik's fanmeet in Manila, I was excited to experience something new.

My favorite was Park Seo Jun, and Park Hyung Sik wasn't even on my radar until I watched "Hwarang," a drama that featured both actors. That's when I fell for Park Hyung Sik, and my admiration deepened with his lead role in "Strong Girl Bong-soon." His charm in "The Heirs" and his comeback in "Happiness" also left a lasting impression.

The Park Hyungsik 2024 Asia Tour FM, "SIKret Time in Manila," was an unforgettable experience, and as a K-Pop fan attending a fanmeet for the first time, there were several things that made it special.

Firstly, the organization was spot-on. From the lineup to the helpful marshals and staff, everything seemed well-planned. Days before the fanmeet, venue maps and instructions were posted online, making sure everyone knew what to expect. This was a pleasant change from some concerts I attended before where the staff seemed a bit lost.

The free merch that came with my platinum ticket was a nice touch. An A4 photo, a SkinCell discount card, a fanmeet banner, and two photocards – it was quite a bundle. There were also booths in the lobby offering extra premium merch from sponsor brands like Smart. I'm not sure if other ticket holders received a similar merch bundle, but that's what I got in my bag. Previous events usually gave out a banner, ID, and a photocard, and those were usually limited to the most expensive ticket holders. This time, everyone got their own regardless of the ticket tier.

I want to highlight the photocards with sleeves because it's a small detail that made a big difference. Previous K-Pop events just handed out bare photocards, which was stressful because they were prone to scratches and damage. Having sleeves made it less worrisome, allowing me to focus on enjoying the fanmeet.

The event was loaded with brand sponsors, and it made a significant impact. With sponsors like McDo, CreamSilk, Rexona, CignalPlay, Muenchen, Maserati, SkinCell, and powered by Smart Communications, the event had more affordable ticket prices and wider exposure across various platforms.

The fanmeet was incredibly interactive, with no dull moments. It kicked off with a beautiful song and featured fun games like sipa and karaoke. The host, Janeena, did a fantastic job, ensuring that Park Hyung Sik remained the star of the night. We got to learn more about his projects and his current series with Park Shin-hye.

Park Hyung Sik's performance was top-notch. Being an idol from the K-Pop band ZE:A, he not only proved he’s good in acting, but also his singing talent. Songs like "Breath," "Every Moment of You," and a cover of Justin Bieber's "Off My Face" were standouts. Ending with my favorite, "Because of You" from "Strong Girl Bong-soon," where he played the lead alongside Park Bo-young, made it even more special.

The Hi Bye session, usually reserved for VVIP ticket holders or raffle winners among VIP section attendees, was open to everyone. This inclusivity made the event stand out, and I couldn't believe everyone got a chance, no matter where they were seated.

Park Hyung Sik's "SIKret Time in Manila" was worth every penny. I enjoyed every moment, found myself laughing, and the experience was simply enjoyable. Even though I attended alone, I didn't feel left out. Would I attend again if he comes back? Absolutely, without a doubt.

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