Nivea Philippines and Nuffnang with LOVE

2:40 AM
Well actually I really don't know what to post, I just open the browser and go directly here; so bare with me 'cause this is impromptu. I was about to post my sneak out party last Saturday and the most ridiculous scene happened to me during that night but little did I know that after reading all those sad news happening in Luzon area now, my mind we're preoccupied by the things unknown; I am sending my sympathy to the affected area so as feeling a bit anxious that they might be in danger but I know God will protect and guide them with this kind of calamity. Well, so much for this drama.

On the other hand, I posted here days ago that I won the Nivea and Nuffnang Summer blog contest and Yeebah! just got my prize last Friday afternoon sent directly right at our doorstep. I was overwhelmed with the package they include in it. Happy in a way though I shouldered the shipping but indeed it's really worth it.

Here's my contest entry:

Here's contest final result (consolation prizes has their own result page):

I honestly did not expect to win yet I dreamt of winning the said contest maybe for the reason of having too much confidence. Again, I dreamt of it but did not expect winning. Before hand the announcement of winners, Nuffnang and Nivea released winners list for consolation prizes... I check it out but haven't seen my name in there so after that sudden hope I have in me, I end up not checking the page anymore; funny because I am not expecting to win but I got depressed of losing the game. Fast forward, I know I won when some of my virtual friends tag me in Nuffnang post.

Without further ado, the prize I got as Grand Prize winner is 10k Nivea Philippines worth of products and Sony Cyber camera. I'll end this post by sharing the photos of my prize. Thank you for reading.

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