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9:00 PM
A friend of mine asked me before "Why you love reading?" I give no answer yet a nod instead. Well maybe that give him confusion 'cause I myself don't know why I love to read and why reading becomes my hobby. I guess I love books because I feel like they offer me insight into the world around me, allow me to participate in times, countries and actions that I would never have time or the ability to do in actual life. I love it when an author can pull something that I might of had a half formed thought about, or observe something beautiful or profound and put it into words. My favorite books substantiate and clarify what I might have only half thought or realized. Entertainment value too, of course. But somehow I preferred to watch those books in movies than just reading since I'm more on visual learning. haha

Well if you're going to ask me what are my fave movies; that I can answer you. My all time favorite movies are Karol: A Man who became a Pope, Vanilla Sky, 3 Idiots, The Fourth Kind and The curious case of Benjamin Button.

Ok so much on that note. Here's what this post all about. I am giving away for free ebooks copy of some of my favorite books; as said all you have to do is to comment your email address. Instructions on how to use ebooks is literally a man's common sense. worry less because aside from the ebook I want to give away, attached on the email is the converter if ever the pdf format is not working on your device. the best selling books The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and MockingJay. Not only that attached herewith also are The Curios Case of Benjamin Button and Purpose Driven Life are up for grab here.

Again, all you have to do is to comment here your email address and in no time I'll send the ebooks with the converter.

Disclaimer: This is not an illegal action such as book piracy through social media; distributing unauthorized copies is not my intent. These ebooks are legally purchased by yours truly and in no means spreading it against the will of its owner and the people behind the book. The aim of the content is to share the love and the ebooks itself.
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