Welcoming Mikayla's Boutique and the store has to offer

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Shopping at your own comfort would be everyone wanting for specially when you're doing it at home. It is indeed very convenient to everyone that instead of going out, why not try tour the whole mall with the use of your fingertips. Online stores are very rampant nowadays to provide a less hassle shopping experience to people. That's how and what Mikayla's Boutique aiming for. Provide the need of the costumers.

To give you a brief background. Mikayla's Boutique is named after Geelyn's daughter Mikayla. Geelyn is the owner of Mikayla's Boutique and dong the whole operation since June 19 but officially launched last June 28. Mikayla's Boutique is a specialty retailer store offering clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics and personal care products for men and women. As of now, if you have viewed their gallery, most of our items are for women. They're still on the process of adding items on their gallery but open for business. Now, Geelyn is gearing up for Mikayla's Botique men's collection.

...and I quote

"Here at Mikayla’s Boutique, we believe that a few quality pieces which can last for years is better than a tons of substandard or low quality items. That’s why we strive to provide the best quality we could and also carry products that are either Filipino made or the people behind a certain brand are Filipinos."

While having a conversation with Geelyn we discovered lots of similarity in terms of helping people through our own advocacy. This made me realized that you don't need to be as famous or as rich like others to give a hands to your fellow countrymen but all you need is a heart that is truly benevolent.

Apart from being serious we do also had funny notes on our conversation.

Going back. At Mikayla's Boutique there are so much items to choose from and it is indeed a vast selection of awesome items. 

...and here wanna share to you my wishlist. The 3 items I love most at Mikayla's Boutique:

1st is this Mug. While blogging I always want something to drink beside me and this is so perfect because it's a spill free. Well the design is perfect.

Can be changed to tall and short :D 
Mug Size: 15 cm (Zoomable)

I like this Alumna wallet, since I have lots of cards and ID's. This is perfect to intact them all.

Accordion-fold interior neatly organizes cards and bills
Easy open/close clasp
Compact size fits in pants pocket or purse
Water resistant
Crush Resistant
Aluminum wallet is indestructible! Water, stain and impact resistant wallet offers maximum protection for your cash and credit cards.
Hard-shell case also blocks RFID tags now embedded in some credit cards for ID theft protection.
Size :4¼" x 2¾". 

This Paul Smith wallet is awesome. Liked the vintage accent of its design and really cool and best suited for all season.

9 card slots
1 photo slot
2 bill slot
1 zippered bill slot

SIZE: 5 x 5” when closed

To know more about Mikayla's Boutique and what the store has to offer; visit their pages below:

Twitter: @boutiquemikayla
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